Top 5 day walks in Freycinet National Park

By Wild Women On Top 

Freycinet. This place is truly an adventurer’s wonderland… voted one of the worlds most beautiful beaches, we can safely say Wineglass Bay, nestled in Freycinet National Park, does not disappoint. The white quartz beach surrounded by towering granite peaks is very much worth a visit. However, the crystal blue water and stunning bay is not the only reason to visit…

The national park has a long history of bushwalking and conservation – the land home to an amazing maze of walking tracks that can take you on treks with a duration of 10 minutes to four days. If you are lucky enough to visit this wonderful part of Tasmania, spend a few days and explore some of Freycinet’s many walking tracks…

Note: all the below walks start and finish at the Wineglass Bay Carpark, so if you are going for the day, don’t forget to buy your day pass.

1. Wineglas Bay Lookout Walk

Distance: 3km

Time: 1-1.5 hours

If you have seen Wineglass Bay in a magazine or a friend's photo, there’s a high chance you saw a picture like the one below. This iconic lookout is well known for the stunning panorama encapsulating the whole of the bay and the surrounding mountains. However, with fame comes crowds – so be warned, it’s unlikely you will have this view to yourself. And I’m not just talking about fellow walkers... expect some kangaroos, too.

This track is not long but is quite steep. Starting at the carpark, your 250m climb to the saddle between Mount Amos and Mount Mayson starts almost immediately. 

2. Cape Tourville

Distance: 500m

Time: 20 minutes

Only passing through? Don’t worry, the Cape Tourville walk will only take you about 20 minutes. Follow the boardwalk to the lighthouse and after only 100m you will arrive at the first lookout, a grand vista of the southern part of the Peninsula. This view includes the stunning summits of Mount Parsons, Mount Graham and Freycinet – and in between, the silvery sand of Wineglass bay can be seen.

Keep you eye out for whales... it's the perfect lookout spot! 

3. Hazards Beach – Wineglass Bay circuit

Distance: 11km

Time: 4-5 hours

Looking to spend the day exploring the National Park? The iconic circuit walk is perfect for you. Walking through dry eucalypt forest, follow the signposted track to Hazards beach. As you're walking you will witness stunning views of Great Oyster Bay and Coles Bay. After a few hours, the track descends and you emerge on the white sandy beach then continues into a forest. The change in environment is really quite incedible, away from the granite peaks the soils are able to house more substantial forest, creating a tower of tall trees.

Then you arrive at the one and only Wineglass Bay, where you can admire the perfect arc of white sand and turquoise waters. When we visited, we cooled down in the suprisingly warm water. It felt amazing floating in such crystal waters... civilisation felt miles away.

Finally, follow the track back up to Wineglass Bay lookout and back down to the carpark. 

4. Mount Amos

Distance: 4km

Time: 3 hours

While all these walks offer breathtaking views, the panorama from the top of Mt. Amos is unbeatable. The peak provides a birds-eye view of Wineglass Bay and across the isthmus to Hazards Beach and the southern peaks of the Freycinet Peninsula.

For those not accustomed to rock scrambling, this route is rocky and quite slippery in wet conditions. You'll need good shoes and good balence. Keep your eye out for painted arrows to help guide you -- occasionally the arrows are quite far apart and the trail can become easy to lose. Once you make it to the top, the track levels out and a wide open summit emerges. Try to time your adventure to reach the summit in the late afternoon – the orange light on the aqua sea is simply stunning. 

 5. Mount Graham

Distance: 16km

Time: 8-10 hours

Standing 570m high, Mount Graham is the second highest peak in the Freycinet Peninsula with view spanning over the entire National Park. This walk is achievable in a day if you don’t mind an early morning start. If not, take a multi-day pack and make a fun weekend of the National Park. 

Alternating between rocky trails and sandy beaches, this walk truly gives you a taste of all Freycinet has to offer. Taking you along the white sands of Wineglass Bay, you can choose to rest at the walkers campsite or continue up the steep mountain trail. Contouring up a creek valley, the trail levels out and the peak of Mount Graham becomes in reach. After a final climb, it’s time to sit and admire the outstanding views you have most definitely earnt. To the north is Wineglass Bay, to the south is Shouten island far across the Peninsula. 

Join us for our 2017 Freycinet adventure.

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