Top 10 tips for a perfectly packed pack!

#treklikeagirl: Our top ten tips for a perfectly packed full pack!

Don’t ditch a great trek like Jatbula, Bungle Bungles or Walls of Jerusalem cos you think you can’t carry a full pack! YOU CAN! Just learn to #treklikeagirl!

  1. Balance baby: Avoid having a top-heavy pack, which will pull you backwards, or a bottom-heavy pack, which will make you feel like you are being dragged down. 
  2. Cool core: Packing heavier items, like water & dense food, close to your centre of gravity (middle of the back) will keep you balanced and more comfortable.
  3. Handy hips: Place frequently used items in an easy-to-access place, such as external hip pockets or the top compartment.
  4. Featherlight start: Choose a pack that is light weight with a good harness. “Arn” packs get this right but practice before you leave home.
  5. Stuff it in: Stuff sacks allow you to quickly pack and unpack your gear and find what you need. Don’t stuff the sacks full, as a little play makes them easier to squeeze into gaps. 
  6. Fill it in: Use your empty cooking pots to protect delicate items. 
  7. Eeeeekky leaky: Pack your fuel bottle and oil in zip locks and stow it below your food…just in case!
  8. Squeeze it: Down gear can be compressed heaps and you can use compression strap bags to really minimize the bulk.
  9. Tweak tips: Use compression straps on your shoulders, under arms and chest to bring the load closer to your body and keep things in place.
  10. Safety first: If you haven’t packed properly, don’t carry!
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