Together we change the WORLD

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

‘In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength, but through persistence’. Buddha

Next Friday, 8th March is International Women’s Day. WOW! What an occasion to celebrate.

I LOVE women. I think they are absolutely extraordinary.

I have the great privilege of working with them and being inspired by them every day. Truly remarkable women like Lisa Marshall, Director of Sydney Coastrek and the entire Wild Women On Top team… angels like Julie McCrossin and  … all our Wild Women On Top members who achieve amazing goals every year.

And I will have the privilege of sharing our Wild Women On Top stories with a group of women at the Mosman Art Gallery on International Women’s Day. Since the event is booked out, sorry (great marketing by the lovely ladies at the Mosman Council!), I’m going to tell you a little story – about a dream.

Five years ago, over a glass of bubbles, an idea was born. A big hairy audacious idea ... the Light House to Light House.

I imagined thousands of trekkers walking from Barrenjoey Lighthouse to South Head Lighthouse to raise funds for charity.

My kids thought I was nutty and went, “LOL!”

My friends rolled their eyes and said there were maps already. And my home office team of 3 sensibly wanted to know if it would send us completely broke. (Finance has never been my strong point!)

I thought it was a no brainer. Our fabulous Wild Women On Top coaches and members already knew the secret tracks and trails, nooks and crannies. And we knew it was stunning.  A world class Iconic Urban walk with the most incredible beauty imaginable.

We also knew we loved challenging adventure goals to motivate us to stay fit and healthy.

So we rounded up the girls, guestimated the distance off Google Maps, and set up a picnic rug at Mosman Wharf while 40 gorgeous Wild Women who took up the challenge. They walked 126 kilometers from La Perouse to Palm Beach in extreme heat and raised $200 for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

The Wild Women On Top Sydney Coastrek was born.

Go Coastrekkers! Go!!

Four years later, we have 2,100 trekkers, over 700 helpers including staff, volunteers and support crews, 20 bureaucracies, and we will raise nearly $2 million dollars to restore sight.

Thank YOU to the team who made this happen. THANK YOU for supporting our dream.


Today our gorgeous Coastrekkers, 90% of them female, and 50% of them over 40 years of age, in teams of 4, will push themselves further than EVER before.

They’ve done the juggling of work and family, training, organisation, gear shopping, packing, awkward asking of friends and family to sponsor them, begging for support teams, emails, physio appointments, icing injuries and managing team changes and last minute unexpected stuff that always happens.

They’ve had a sleepless night, pre-dawn start, over 10 gruelling kilometres of sumptuous soft sand, steep rocky headlands, strong easterly winds, rain, mud, waterfalls, trees down, and who knows what other unexpected challenges – like exhaustion, dehydration, dizziness, nausea, blisters (heaven forbid), head-aches, sunburn (maybe not?), boredom and bickering in their darkest moments when their Support Team gets lost with the emergency chocolate rations …

… when all that’s over and they cross that finish line at Balmoral or Coogee, they will be changed people. And they will have helped change the world. As a result of THEIR efforts, nearly 70,000 people in developing nations will receive the gift of sight. And they will have achieved a remarkable personal goal.


AND ... GOOD LUCK from the Sydney Coastek Team – we will be out there too all day and all night and all day, to help YOU.

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