Three Awesome Aussie Hikes To Explore Now Borders Are Open

We can’t tell you how excited we are that Australia is together once again, allowing us to travel to all the beautiful states and explore the glorious hikes each area has to offer. Here are three of the best hikes in Australia you should visit this year.

The Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania

The Walls of Jerusalem is a fabulously remote, pristine wilderness walk that can be done from a base camp or as a four day through hike. The area is rich with awe-inspiring lakes and tarns, craggy summits overlooking breathtaking views across the Tasmanian mountains and exciting weather challenges that will test all levels of hiking experience. Newbies will want to use a guide, but a seasoned hiker will love throwing a tent on their back and immersing themselves in this wonderland. 

Walls of Jerusalem2.png

How to get there: The Walls of Jerusalem NP is located in Tasmania’s central highlands, just east of Cradle Mountain National Park. It’s a 1hr 45min drive from Launceston Airport. 

How long to spend there: You can explore the Walls of Jerusalem from a Base Camp or as 3-4 day through hike. 

Experience level: This is a grade 4 hike, with bushwalking experience recommended. Weather can change dramatically in this exposed alpine area, so be prepared for snow and blizzards, even in summer. 

Best time to go: Spring, Autumn or Summer. 

You can read more info here.

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The Warrumbungle National Park, New South Wales

As well as being Australia’s first dark sky park (it’s completely free from artificial light), the Warrumbungles is an ancient volcanic landscape of remarkable geological formations, including spires, plugs, domes, dykes, sills, lava-flows, tuff layers, and horizontal and vertical columns. The name ‘Warrumbungle’ is a Gamilaroi word meaning crooked mountains. 


Hiking here is a great adventure for all levels of hiking experience. You can explore the park on foot from a multitude of car camping locations and/or choose some overnight high camps as well as a multi-day adventure over ancient geological formations. 

How to get there: The Warrumbungle National Park is about 2 hours north of Dubbo, in the Orana Region. You can drive 6 hours from Sydney, or fly to Dubbo and then drive.

How long to spend there: 5-6 days will give you enough time to explore the beautiful area. 

Experience level: With accommodation, car camping and day hikes aplenty, this area is a perfect playground for all hiking levels, including beginners. 

When to go: Autumn, Winter and Spring is best. 

If you’re interested in a guided tour, World Expeditions offers an amazing ‘Warrumbungle Summits’ adventure. Check it out. 

The Jatbula Trail, Northern Territory


The Jatbula trail is a 62km through hike on the ancient lands of the Jawoyn People. You’ll journey from magnificent billabongs to pristine cascading waterfalls to spectacular red towering gorges, each one more magnificent than the last. 

The Jatbula trail is a full pack adventure (expect to carry around 14kg), with the day’s walking starting and finishing early to avoid the heat. After lunch, you’ll enjoy water-filled fun, splashing in the abundant billabongs. 

This is an awesome first full pack hike which can be done guided or unguided.   


How to get there: The hike starts at Nitmiluk Gorge, which is just under 3 hours drive from Darwin. 

How long to spend there: The 62km hike will take 6 days. 

Experience level: This is a great beginner-to-intermediate hike. You’ll need a good level of fitness and some mental toughness to manage the heat. 

When to go: June to August. 

Learn more about The Jatbula Trail. 


We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we walk, and thank them for sharing these beautiful places with us.

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