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Be prepared to cringe a little... or a lot! Say hello to the not so glamorous part of Trekking adventures...below are top 5 weird, wacky, gross and unbelievable hygiene tips and truths. 

  1. Think you may be cursed with your period whilst trekking – invest in a “keeper.” The keeper is a cleverly designed cup which is inserted to collect the blood from your period. You’ll save money on tampons and, more importantly, won’t have to carry your tampons in a zip lock bag… Which of course… is totally vile! 

  2. Need to wee but extreme weather conditions prevent you from leaving the tent. Say hello to a Hercules Sandwich sized bag! We advise you to a secondary zip lock bag to prevent spillage. 

  3. Planning to embark on an extreme adventure and never heard of a pee funnel…. It’s time! Essentially a detachable penis... this mechanism (as weird as it sounds) will make life a whole lot easier. We strongly advise you practice at home before your trip… I didn’t and consequently ended up with warm pee in my thermals all the way up the mountain! 

  4. Struggle with incontinence when you can’t get to a bathroom in time? Try our red dot technique to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Place a red dot in significant locations around your life, such as on the steering wheel, and every time you see a Red Dot, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for 3-8 seconds. Do this 10 times a day and you’ll never have to worry about incontinence again! 

  5. In Australia when it comes to number 2’s we are firm believers of the ‘leave no trace’ solution, in SOME (not all) alpine environments they believe in simply “don’t leave.” The consequence is poo bags. We advise Restop, Biffy Bag or Go anywhere! To make this a tiny bit more glamorous: these bags do a great job at capturing odours (we promise.)
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