The Secret to Ageless Vitality: Healthy Habits

By Di Westaway | CEO Wild Women On Top

Does Ageless Vitality appeal you? Would you like to become stronger, happier and more powerful as each birthday approaches?

You can. Ageless vitality is not about the number of candles on your cake – according to scientists it’s all about healthy habits.

It’s not about dieting, deprivation or pushing yourself obsessively. It’s not about suffering or exercising because you hate your body. It’s about joy and love.

It is about nourishing your mind, body and spirit because you LOVE your body, and you LOVE the way a healthy lifestyle makes you feel.

It’s about consistency.

Now, be honest. Are you consistently healthy with your nutrition, exercise, movement, sleep, mindfulness, relaxation and connectedness?

If you are, you already have ageless vitality. That’s awesome.

If you aren’t, read on to learn HOW to get consistent NOW.

For me, as a young working mum I had a life changing experience. A PE teacher turned journalist, I knew exactly what I should be doing in terms of exercise and health. But between work, kids, family, friends, shopping, cooking and cleaning I just couldn’t find the time.

Then, an acquaintance, invited me to climb the highest mountain in the Andes.

I was terrified. But I agreed – I was turning 40 and fighting the idea of middle-aged mum-ish-ness. So I needed to get back into regular exercise.

And that changed my life completely.

I started jogging 3 times a week, I went to the gym at the Surf Club twice a week and I stopped eating the kid’s leftovers.

It wasn’t easy. Childcare was my daughter reciting her 6 times tables on her bike while I jogged, or going up and down the hill outside our house for 30 minutes while the kids played inside. I carved out time by sleeping less, which I no longer recommend! My social life suffered; I was too busy for friends who didn’t share my hobby. 

But new wild, adventurous friends emerged and during the 6 months of training for my goal, I changed my habits. With a big scary adventure goal to motivate me, I did it without a second thought.

I was happy, excited about getting strong and toned again. I regained my sparkle.

It wasn’t about weight loss or feeling comfortable in a bikini, though that happened too. It was about my body needing to be strong, fit and healthy for me to be happy.  

And I was. So happy, in fact, that I quit my job as a radio producer, a John Laws handmaiden, and started my own business helping women transform their lives, as I did mine.

When Blackmores and Prevention invited me to be a spokesperson for Positive Ageing at 54, I realised I was lucky. Lucky to have stumbled across a secret to ageless vitality

Consistency driven by purpose creates daily habits.

Here is how to discover them:

1. Exercising with a community is CRUCIAL to keeping you healthy and happy.

-       LOVE IT: Find a physical activity that you love

-       CONNECT: Find a community of people who also love the same thing

-       COMMIT: Sign up for a challenging team adventure goal that motivates you to change your behaviour

-       DO IT DAILY: Do little things every day towards your goal


2. Food is medicine – feed your body clean real food.

-       LEARN: Educate yourself about nutrition.

-       FEEL: Eat mindfully and notice how food makes you feel.

-       PLAN: Plan and prepare food yourself so you know exactly what’s going into your body.

-       FOOD IS MEDICINE: Think of healthy food as your ageless vitality medicine

-       SAY NO: Remember its ok to say “no” to sugar, alcohol and junk food.


3. A balanced lifestyle: Ten tiny DAILY tips to thrive

  1. Puff
  2. Move
  3. Nourish
  4. Nature
  5. Connect
  6. Sleep
  7. Thank
  8. Laugh
  9. Meditate
  10. Relax

Remember, the things you do each day ARE your life. Make them amazing.  Make EVERY DAY delicious.

And if you bust and eat whole tub of Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate ice cream, or skip your exercise, or finish that bottle of red, don’t worry. Every new day is a new opportunity for ageless vitality.

If you have a big goal, you’ll bounce back on the wagon, easy peesy. Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Wild Adventuring has become my healthy habit; my healthy hobby; my life.

My healthy habit has connected me with hundreds of inspiring women, my circle of inspiration, my daily dose of motivation.

These amazing women remind me every day that feel age is more important than real age, and ageless vitality is not a dream, it’s my reality.  

YOU have the power to control the speed at which you age by adjusting your daily habits. Consistency driven by purpose creates daily habits giving you ageless vitality. What will you choose today?

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