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We absolutely adore your magazine and its attempt to empower women to realize a life of adventure and exploration. What was it that inspired you to begin Travel Play Live? Where did it all begin?

Our magazine took its first breath, so to speak, on a cycling trip to Cambodia. We cycled, with 19 other women, almost 400km around Cambodia whilst raising awareness of Human Trafficking. We fundraised $30000 to support grass roots projects on the ground making a difference to the life of young girls, women and their families. In doing so the trip changed our lives. Amy’s background in media, mine (Kez) as primarily a fitness coach and both our passion to ‘make a difference’ quickly merged into TPL.

Do you mind telling us of your background – life before Travel Play Live? Were you too immersed in a life of adventure?

Our backgrounds are vastly different. Kez, a step mum of 4 and a business owner has 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, a love for meeting people and a need to challenge herself, in as many ways as possible. She has made it her mission to tick off the bucket list she wrote at 21 and is often heard saying ‘well if I can do it, anyone can!'  Amy a mum of 3, on the other hand, is a creative, a story teller, a social justice advocate, world traveler and found adventure in her 30’s. Both of us are on a mission to support and encourage women to ‘bring their best’ to the table and have found that adventure is a great avenue to do just that.

What is it about an adventure that you consider to be so valuable to the life of a woman? 

The lessons we receive from adventure are endless and relatable primarily to the changes we see most in our mindset. Also, the personal growth received and earned, once we choose to leave the barrier of our own personal comfort zone, is very powerful for a woman and easily translates to confidence in everyday life.

Media coverage of inspiring adventurers tends to be male dominated. Why do you think this is and how do you hope to reverse this trend?

This one is a really complex question!

Primarily adventure has been a male domain and like many sporting arenas men have been the driving force behind adventure, events, related adventure magazines, websites and associated businesses, so we assume that’s the main reason. It also hasn't been common to see women test themselves to the ‘extreme’ which is what many see as the only form of adventure worth formally being recognized. 

Dare I also say it, and I’m cringing when I do, but it’s possibly seen as a male activity because in years gone by it was unladylike behavior.

We hope to reverse the trend by sharing the stories of women out there forging new paths. We also believe it’s time for more ‘authenticity’ in media, which is why we love sharing relatable stories of regular women on their adventures, be they epic or family friendly, solo or with groups of other women for a purpose or purely a passion. 

Since beginning Travel Play Live Magazine, what has surprised you the most?

The willingness of others, women and men, wanting to support our idea, has surprised us the most. We are still not quite sure why it has struck such a powerful chord, maybe our passion shines through or maybe it’s just been the right time, who knows, but we are happy to ride the wave, so to speak and continue to honor our dream and the opportunity to create it.

What is your view on female-targeted modern media – with its emphasis on body image, beauty and celebrity status – do you believe this to be damaging/empowering or a mix?

We believe there is a change happening, whether you deem it damaging or empowering, there’s a now a huge need to understand the landscape when marketing to women and young girls. So much so that our magazine is being heralded as the world first of this type and we are part of a team presenting Body Positivity in the Media, with a number of Australia’s most well-known body positive activists. 

Personally as an active woman of 48 years young, having worked in the fitness industry primarily one on one with women and being a mum of 3 step daughters, I see a need for wellness to be a positive experience from the outset. No judgement, no negatives, no one size fits all rules etc. Many women, we believe, have had enough of the bombardment and of the ‘how to get the perfect blah blah blah ’ type articles. We are the women who will do everything we can to protect our daughters from wasting valuable moments trying to fit into a box, like many of us have in the past 30-40 years of modern media. 

When you look 5 years down the track, where would you like see Travel Play Live?

Our vision has always been to stay true to the pillars behind our business Adventure, Empower, Inspire, Dream and Change. We see lots of opportunities to engage women, from all walks of life, particularly those new to adventure and also support women whose businesses are doing the same.

Primarily our goal has been to become the voice of women’s adventure in Australia and to have a positive impact for women in the media. 

If Travel Play Live was able to provide one quality or lesson to the life of a woman – what would you like that to be?

To love and honour ourselves and our own ‘unique voice’. To have the courage to use our bodies and voices  to instigate conversations that are difficult individually, locally and globally. Conversations that matter and that affect women worldwide, this way we help fill in the gaps rather than stay silent and let the breaches widen. 

Also to Travel widely, Play often and Live each and every day. ;-)

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