Q&A with Sally Filtness

By Sammy Page | Marketing Assistant

Looking back at your original Coastrek experience, what was it that inspired you to enter the 126 km walk?

I was Trek Training on a Thursday night back in 2005 and I entered with my mates from that night. Jac, Holly, Ned and Linda. It was our next progression of goals and a 'step out of box' kind of goal. I was up for one of those.

What do you think you learnt from this experience and how do you think this got you to where you are today?

I learnt about team work, friendship while on the trail and that walking in the middle of the night is challenging. I have gone on to do another 2 x 100km events with Wild Women and a 50/ 55 every year after that. I love training with friends, seeing and exploring Sydney's coastline and pushing your fitness and your health goals until you finish.

Are you still in contact with your Coastrek team? If so, do you think your experience solidified your friendships?

Yes, I am seeing them for breakfast next week actually! Even though we all live very different lives, our friendships are strong and will always be strong no matter the distance due to what we have been through on that day and night.

126 km is quite the distance! Do you remember if you ever were tempted to drop out? If so, what do you think made you stay and continue the walk. 

The team and I remember that Ned (Nerida Hopkins- Arnold) withheld the end to a story from me only to tell me snippets every 10/ 20 km we walked. Yes I cried at 2am and wanted to stop, someone gave me a Mars bar and I stopped crying and we trudged on. I planned all the timing for the walk, we were meant to finish after 24 hours but then we kept walking and walking and it was getting hotter and hotter and we were trying to work out how the schedule had gone so wrong. We then crossed the finish line and they told us we had walked well over the 100km. Exhausted but happy, we were the only 100km team that finished.

Do you think the final feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment you felt after completion of the original Coastrek has driven you to challenge yourself in other areas of your life? If so how? 

Yes sure, not just the Coastrek's I have done but trek training and Wild Women. The incredible things I did with Wild Women - wading through an ever increasing tide while rock jumping and clambering with the tide/rocks/slipperiness and giggling women. So much fun at 9 at night! I went on to stick with my WWOT trainer - Rossie and then had identical twin girls, finished a PhD and a textbook while raising the girls. I go back to work full time next year so another one of those wild women juggling challenges of life and fitness and work and family. I am ready to take it on.

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