Our Coach's Hiking Tip Could Banish Your Blisters For Good

By Sophia Hatzis | Digital Content Producer at Wild Women On Top

Our newest Trek Training coach Sarah Biggs has been hiking for as long as she can remember. Her mum was an avid trekker who started taking Sarah on walks in nature when she just three-years-old. It was an activity they did as a dynamic duo, exploring the bush, camping overnight, and marvelling at the stars in the night sky. Sarah's mum gave her the greatest gift, a love and appreciation of nature.

"Nature is where I can get out of my head and into my heart," she says.

Now, Sarah's making trekking in nature her day job. After stepping away from her high-pressure role as an academic to look after her newborn son, she wanted to change her direction. Sarah wrote down five things she wanted her future to look like, and leading an adventurous life was one of them. Today, her dreams are coming to fruition. Sarah is bringing Trek Training to Melbourne, and her first taster session in June was a huge hit (you can check out their awesome adventure and find out how you can join in here)! 

A hardcore hiker, Sarah has some serious trekking experience. This week, she shares one hiking tip she believes could banish your blisters for good!

What do you love MOST about being a Wild Woman?

I love pushing myself to the limit and discovering what my mind and body is actually capable of. Being a Wild Woman is so empowering. 

What’s the best hike you have ever done and what made it so epic? 

The best hike I have ever done was the Overland Track in Tasmania but not for the reasons you might think. I did the Overland Track after a 12-year hiking hiatus. I was so unprepared. My training prior to the trek was negligible. I went on a couple of short, flat terrain walks with less than 5kg in my pack. Once on the track, I was dealing with thunder, lightening, rain, snow, mud - oh so much mud - and possums trying to get into my tent. I injured my achilles on day one.

By day two, my feet were covered in blisters, my muscles were screaming, and I had bruises on my hips from an ill-sitting 18kg pack. But I loved every minute of it! Although I was a complete mess, this trek reignited my passion for hiking and I haven’t looked back since.

wild women taster session.jpg

 Which hiking destination is at the top of your bucket list and why?

 All hikes are on my bucket list! However, my big, hairy, audacious goal hike is the Australian Alps Walking Track. The full 655km would be a huge physical and mental challenge. I think it would be amazing. My 50th birthday is fast approaching so you never know...

 What’s the most memorable thing that’s ever happened to you on a hike?

 Coming face-to-face with a crocodile. I was in Kakadu, swimming up the river to Twin Falls. I rounded a corner and to my right, about five metres away, was a freshwater crocodile. Granted, it was sunning itself on a rock and didn't pay any attention to me, but I will never forget that heart-stopping moment.

 What’s the best hiking advice you have ever been given?

 Always wear two pair of socks when hiking, a thin pair under a thicker pair. I am prone to blisters, irrespective of the kind of shoe I'm wearing. I always thought blisters were just part and parcel of hiking. I have not had a single blister while hiking since adhering to this advice. How my world has changed!

Melbourne, we're bringing Trek Training your way! To make sure you get all the details first, join our Wild Women Melbourne Facebook group.

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