Must-Have Gear For Your Next Hiking Adventure

By Wild Women On Top 

When it comes to trekking adventures, the quality of your gear can make or break your experience. Below are six items that we swear by on any trekking adventure. 

1. Icebreaker base layers (Oasis 200 weight for your top & bottom): My favourite is the women's oasis long sleeve scoop baselayer. Made from super-soft, breathable 200gm merino jersey fabric, the Oasis Long Sleeve Scoop keeps you warm in cool weather, breathes well in warm conditions, and only becomes softer with age. And the details are designed for movement, so it is an ideal baselayer under a top or shell, and great for wearing alone on a cool morning run or a hike in the mountains. 

2. Sea To Summit wilderness wipes and wash: Wipes are great for feeling fresh when you aren’t able to shower for days. The wash is small, biodegradable and great for washing clothes, dishes and also for body wash and shampoo. Products with multiple uses truly become your best friend when trekking, allowing you to keep the weight of your pack to a minimum. 

3. Osprey or Sea to Summit dry sack: These plastic reusable bags come in a variety of sizes and are great for compartmentalising your gear and keeping it dry.

4. A buff: I cannot tell you how thankful you will be for this small piece of material. Used as a neck warmer, head band, beanie, balaclava, face towel, pillow case or hair tie. The uses are endless! Icebreaker is great for warm merino wool varieties, however, if you are planning to trek somewhere warm, invest in the Buff brand – it’s great for sun protection. 

5. Head torch: a lightweight alternative to the traditional hand held torch. If a brighter headlamp is required for a lot of night or pre-dawn trekking use the Petzl MYO headlamp, it is simple, reliable & incredibly bright. The battery life is great & it takes AA batteries which are available anywhere. The battery pack being on the back is my preference as it feels balanced on my head.

6. A good quality weather proof rain jacket made from high-quality Gortex: These can be found at adventure gear retailers such as Paddy Pallin. 

Wild Women On Top recieve 20% off all merchandise from Paddy Pallin. 


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