Mum, we'll be more than okay. Now GO!

By Sammy Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top 

It’s 5pm on a Friday afternoon yet the weekend seems miles away. To your left is a stack of papers, tasks and projects that demand your time for their completion and on the right is your phone, buzzing madly with messages from the kids, asking “what’s for dinner mum?”

Somehow as you grow older your weekends seem to shorten and shorten until they become yet another 2-day extension of your busy week. Not saying you don’t love playing taxi for the kids or madly cleaning a house that can somehow only be tidied by you – but sometimes, as selfish as it may sound, everyone loves a little time for themselves. 

Yes, this is being written by a 19-year-old.  A 19-year-old that lives at home, has her mum as her preferable taxi and loves to know what’s for dinner as she begins her 45-minute bus ride home. 

For my lucky mum, she has me multiplied by 3, which means on top of her work week she is also a fully employed taxi driver, master chef and cleaner. But I will let you briefly inside the mind of a complicated, selfish teenager… we will fend for ourselves if it’s the only option we have. By that I mean, I can cook (believe it or not mum), I have access to a perfectly average transport system and I do understand the necessity of washing my clothes aaaaand (I’m going to add this here and hope mum doesn’t find this article) we grew up in a technological age, so operating machines i.e. the washing machine is a pretty doable task. 

The moral of the story is, whilst you’re there we will use and enjoy your many skills. But, as I have learnt in the last 7 weeks of my mum being away (with the help of post-it notes on a few appliances) I have the skills too, just when you’re here – using yours seems a bit easier. 

So the key to finding your break, lies in choosing where to for your personal escape!

Imagine looking forward to a long weekend where neither the right pile of tasks or dinner requests existed. Instead, picture a Friday night winding to a close with a glass of wine, wonderful women, a picturesque sunset on Australia’s own little Galapagos Island. 

Picture, Walls of Jerusalem.

The perfect escape.

From the moment you land, the absence of phone reception provides you with no choice but to give yourself completely to nature. Only accessible by foot, it is a relatively short walk to our camp, making this trip an ideal opportunity to introduce yourself to wilderness camping without carrying full backpacks over long distances. Following the route from the Fish River, past the historic trapper’s hut & beyond the scattered tarns known as Solomon’s Jewels, we reach our base camp. From here your days will be filled with long walks carrying only the day’s necessities, returning at the end of each magnificent day to our comfortable camping set up.

We have time to explore the heart of the “Walls”, and climb Mt. Jerusalem, King David’s Peak & possibly reach the remote outer areas known as Golden Gate and Zion Vale. The evenings are yours to relax and enjoy as our guides charm you with their skills of producing gourmet Tasmanian delights. 

I won’t spoil it for you, but what awaits at the top is truly magical. 

If Wild Women returning for a second year in a row isn’t enough evidence of the paradise that awaits then you are just going to have see it for yourself!

So the moral of the story is while you're around mum, I’m going to use and enjoy all the tasks you make look so easy. So, to find a break, which all mums need, might require you to choose an escape.

Don’t worry, we will be alright over the weekend. 

After all its just a week, the dishes and washing can wait for your return. 

Book your Mt. Jerusalem escape today! 

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