Motivation Magic - Why you need goals to exercise!

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

The alarm shatters my morning slumber.

I reach over and slap ‘snooze’ in the pre-dawn light. My body and mind fight for supremacy but the body wins. Snatches of guilty sleep follow.

An hour later I drag myself into the shower, wishing for the endorphins I’d sacrificed. I spend the rest of the day feeling flat and grumpy.


Because my brain and my body need exercise. But I need motivation to exercise. I NEED a health and fitness goal to inspire me; push me out of my warm snuggly cave into energising movement.

Research shows specific, time framed goals provide motivation to get results. Goals provide motivation to lift performance and action exercise into our lives. People with goals get fitter. ‘Motivation in sport and exercise’. Editor Roberts, G. C

But were all goals created equal?


Some goals are so powerful and compelling that we will undergo discomfort or even pain in order to achieve them. We will walk for 36 hours in sweltering heat or through the night in driving rain just to test ourselves.

Some goals are so powerful we will inspire hundreds of people in our community to join us in our fitness challenge.  And some goals are so powerful that they will also gain the financial support of our families and friends so that together, we can change lives.

These powerful goals are called Charity Challenges. “A charity challenge is a demanding experience or event to improve fitness and raise money for a worthy cause as a community.”

Charity challenges are motivation magic. By making a commitment to a demanding experience with a philanthropic pledge, you will be motivated to prioritise your health and fitness ahead of all other commitments for a given time frame.

By committing to a Charity Challenge you will become immersed in a mind, body, spirit experience which will most likely change your life in a very positive way. You will be highly motivated to get and stay fit; connect with like-minded walkers; satisfy your desire to do good; achieve things you never thought possible; add excitement and adventure to your life; change thousands of lives. And have FUN!

“It was a magical day. We had so much fun. The trek training, preparation, organisation, team notes, maps, info evening, back up, St John presence, etc was extremely professional, so positive and so supportive and made the "walking" just so easy and thoroughly enjoyable for us all.  It was a privilege to be a part of Coastrek. Thank you again. What a magnificent city we live in and what a wonderful way to see it along the way!” ~Ange Flannery

Depending on your personal taste in exercise, you can find a Charity Challenge that suits you. If you like riding, try the Gong Ride; for paddlers, there’s the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic, and for walkers and runners, try the Sydney Coastrek 50 or 100k Team Challenge.

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