Most Inspiring Woman of the Month: Liz Walden

Most Inspiring Woman of the Month: Liz Walden

How does it feel to be nominated by your coaches and fellow trainers as the most inspiring woman of the month?

Wow - it feels so nice.  There are so many women who do amazing things, I don’t really count myself amongst them!

When and where did you start your adventure with Wild Woman on Top?

Started with Coastrek about 5 years ago.  I heard Di on the radio saying that anyone could do it – and I believed her!  Since then I have been on a trek every year – some big some small – but all amazing!

What training did you undergo before your trip to Mt. Kenya?

Altitude training in the gym 3 x per week, yoga 3 x per week, and trek training 2x per week. 

How did you motivate yourself?

Nothing like a big goal to give me motivation – call it fear if you like!  I had a picture of the mountain in my head, and by hook or by crook, I was going to make it to the top, and enjoy the journey on the way.  Training and sharing notes with the other girls in the team was also a great help.  They really spurred me on, as did Lisa with her “reminders”!!

Did you have any set-backs?  

Not really. I have a dodgy shoulder and a dodgy knee, but I have learnt how to take care of them to avoid injury and make sure they don’t hold me up.

Did your commitment to training pay off in the end?  

The training definitely made all the difference. Psychological as well as physical.   It gave the confidence of knowing that I would make it, but more importantly – that I could enjoy it to the max – rather than worrying about my fitness, strength, mental capacity or aches and pains.  By the time I left, I felt strong in every way.

What is your next step? Do you have any other adventures planned? 

I have some small trips planned this year – Bungles, Ocean Road – but I would like to add a bigger one – if only WWOT were doing Ama Dablam or Patagonia? 

What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t have the confidence to sign up for such a challenge?

With commitment to training and belief in yourself you can definitely make it – you have the support of the team and the coach who will do everything possible to get you to your destination.   But ultimately you have to do it yourself – so   prepare yourself well in advance, take note of all the guidance you are given, be part of the team  – and the sky is the limit!  I am doing things I never dreamed possible, and it gets better every time.  See you on the trail!

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