Most Inspiring Nominees 2014

Anne Grobler

Anne joined less than a year ago but she has taken to trek training with so much enthusiasm and energy which she shares with all she meets. Being a mother of 3 and working full time work she is just an incredible dynamo!! Her next challenges are 50k Coastrek and 50k Wild Endurance.


Ann Jenkins

Gorgeous gentle Ann is an inspiration to have in any group pushing herself each week and always happy to lend a hand to those that need. Ann has had an incredible year of adventures and set herself some really BHAG's! Ann is one of the most caring people I have ever met, who is always bringing out little WWOT treats and really lives the WWOT philosophy of TEAM and taking on inspiring goals.


Chrissi Graham

Chrissi joined WWOT in 2011 and had never trekked or camped! In fact her family did not peg her as a "Wild Woman!"  Now, Chrissi's infectious enthusiasm permeates every Trek Training session she attends and she's become known for educating herself and becoming an expert in gear for trips! 


Cvet Jankulovska

Cvet’s motivation to continue to chase fitness goals is an inspiration to us all as she is also kept busy with a full time Legal career.  Her list of achievements this year….   1st Women’s team Wild Endurance 100km in just over 26hrs. Trekked Larapinta Trail from end to end: Total 230kms!  Trekked & scrambled  the Castle, Morton NP.  Completed the City to Surf in 92 minutes, and the Sydney ½ marathon in 2hr & 23mins. 


Gemma Kavaloff

Gemma completed a gruelling 100K Coastrek in Feb with other WWOT girls – approx 31hrs. She has such a positive attitude & die-hard determination. Her next challenges are full marathon in NT and possible Kilimanjaro summit with her son Josh.


Julie Hensby

Julie joined WWOT looking for a change in her health, fitness and mental well-being. Trekking became her new love and she ooooozes enthusiasm for it and has an amazing personal journey story to tell.


Kate Clissold

Kate has been a global wild woman on top for years but since joining us as a Coastrekker, she’s taken her ageless vitality to a whole new level. Kate is the embodiment of Wild Women On Top, helping inspire women to transform their lives with challenging adventure treks.


Megan Williams

Megan is our quiet achiever. A long term client of WWOT regularly attending TT in Eastern Suburbs and now Sutherland Wed pm. It has been a huge year for the ever positive Megan.


Melissa Nahkle

Happy go lucky Melissa what a year of achievements you've had. As well as this and four children to run after she travels across town to attend three to four training sessions a week full of fun and chatter may I say but always giving 100%. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed are a great inspiration to all Wild Women......Go Gal.


Robyn Elliott

Since joining our community, Robyn has embraced the WWOT spirit. She is now training 1-3 times per week and is extremely helpful to coaches.


Sej Kotecha

Sej is a quiet achiever, who’s nickname is now Surge. A true champion of commitment and determination, Sej, a dentist with two teenage kids, has bounced back from traumatic life threatening breast cancer treatment to take on extreme challenges. Sej proves that with training and preparation, you can achieve your dreams.


Tara Russell

Tara joined WWOT in 2013 and since she has found us she has embraced her new found love for adventure and the great outdoors.  In trek training she throws herself in 100%, taking on any challenge I set her.  She is also a wonderful team member, caring and fun to be with. I can see that Tara will be a lifelong WWOT, she so gets us!!

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