Mighty Mums and Grandmas!

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

“How did YOU get past ME!” said the tall dark handsome 49 year old male runner in Skins as he trekked past a team of Baby Boomer mums at the 85k mark.

“Aaaahhh! You musta been too busy mucking around at that last checkpoint,” said the 60 year old grandmother with the super model legs.

So, how does a team of 5 women, all mums and a couple of grandmas with a combined age of over 250, beat hundreds of trekkers, mostly male and mostly under 50, in the Wild Endurance 100 km trek in the Blue Mountains?

“We look after each other,” said Wanda. “And we’ve got mental toughness and endurance from all our trek training.”

This truly was an extraordinary result. Wild Women On Top members, Monica Hitchenson, Melissa Norsa, Cvet Jankulovska, Wanda Nicholson & friend Jane Perkins WON the Women’s 100 km in 26 hours. And, they came 5th overall out of over 60 teams.

Monica and Wanda are grandmothers in their 60s and they passed people half their age. And that doesn’t account for the scores of trekkers who pulled out due to exhaustion.

The Wild Endurance 50-100km Trek in the World Heritage Blue Mountains is a fundraiser for the Wilderness Society. It covers thousands of meters of gruelling ascents and descents from the valley floor to the iconic cliff tops of the Three Sisters.

Teams of 4-7 have 36 hours to complete the stunning but challenging 100km, To qualify for a place, they must ALL finish. And this is why the Wild Women team were so successful. They truly were a team. Together they finished.

When first time 100 km team member, Cvet, 54, decided to stop at 85 km, the girls talked her out of it. “Get your shoes on, Cvet. You can do this,” they said.

She was not injured or sick, but she thought she was done. She thought she was just too tired to finish. She was wrong. The team pulled her along to the finish line.

She later said, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! One blister, tired but very happy.” That’s truly a team of Mighty Mums.

If you’re looking for a challenging team goal to keep you motivated to exercise, there’s lots around. Check out the upcoming trips in Diary below or on the Wild Women On Top website and SAVE THE DATE: registrations for the Sydney Coastrek, 50-100km team Challenge open 2nd September.

And Happy Mother’s Day! Have a wild day all you mums and grandmums! Don’t feel guilty if you want to take some time to nurture yourself with the happy hormones that come from a beach or bush walk on Mother’s Day. I’ll be dragging my kids along just cos I can!

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