A Message From Our Directors

Hey Wild Women,

We wish we could say we’ve been feeling all the positives of beginning a new decade and a new year. But the beginning of 2020 has been quite challenging.

Celebrating when such a huge environmental crisis is unfolding in Australia just hasn’t felt right. The pain of knowing how many homes, animals and forests have been destroyed has been intense. Seeing so many people in our communities struggling with the force of these fires has been deeply stressful and exhausting.

Now it's time for us to pause and recognise the grief and pain which has marked the beginning of 2020.

Scientists believe we have come to a crossroads that will define the path for future generations. We know the time has come for a dramatic cultural transformation.

We know our wild women are awake, because we love nature. We walk the earth, plunge in her pools and scale her peaks. This means some of us feel her pain more deeply. But as initial shock subsides, we must turn our pain into action. Action to love mother nature more. To nurture her more than ever before.

Now is our time to be the change angels for our home planet. Our contribution is critical. This power is within each and every one of us and nature needs us like never before.

We must all stand together and remember our sacred duty as caretakers of this beautiful earth.

Our community has already rallied together to donate money and organise events, donation drives, sewing bees and tree planting. We will be hosting a number of fundraising walks to support our chosen charities including WIRES Emergency Rescue, The Australian Red Cross, RFS, and the Bush Heritage Fund. Wild Women On Top have donated $10,000 to WIRES and The Red Cross to support the people and animals most impacted by this crisis. 

Over coming months, we will be sharing ways of helping mother nature to recover and re-grow. We hope you will join us on this journey of hope, resilience and recovery as we work together for the good of our home planet and all our loved ones.

Wild Wishes,

Di and Tania x

Directors of Wild Women On Top

If you feel moved to donate to the bushfire crisis, we recommend: 

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