Meet Our Most Inspiring Wild Women For 2019

By the Wild Women On Top team

Every year we love to celebrate the amazing Wild Women in our community who have inspired us most with our Most Inspiring Award. The nominees for this award have been selected by their coaches and fellow Wild Women for their incredible achievements throughout the year, demonstrating mental toughness, compassion, strength, kindness, resilience and more. We are proud to introduce you to our Most Inspiring nominees for 2019!

Gai McGrath by Nicola Moran

Gai has been with Wild Women for less than a year and she’s already had a big impact on our community. Her confidence, strength and fitness has developed thanks to consistent training and dedication. She completed the 60km Adelaide Coastrek this year and raised nearly $20,000 for Beyond Blue. She regularly attends Monday Trek Training and she's completed the Larapinta Trail and the Bungle Bungles with Wild Women. Gai has been disciplined in managing her fitness and recovery programmes to address knee and ankle issues. She balances holding senior positions in business and training for fitness challenges. She's just finished hiking the wilderness trail of Kangaroo Island, stepping outside her comfort zone in new ways.

Gai always supports those around her and is a delightful team player in every regard.


Liz Walden, by Kelly Books

Liz is always leaping outside her comfort zone and supporting others to do the same. She takes on epic adventure challenges and raises thousands of dollars for charity in the process. Liz brings a positivity to everything she does and she shows us that we can be our fittest and healthiest selves at any age.

Liz has recently taken up ocean swimming and she regularly swims off Bondi Beach, completing distances of 2 - 4km. She's competed in various events around Sydney and up and down the coast. She participated in the South Head roughwater Bondi to Watsons Bay 10km swim, finishing in under 4 hours with her team.

She commits to challenging adventures, enjoying many overseas trips with other like-minded Wild Women, and she gets more youthful every day. 

Liz Walden

Stephanie Devine, by Wanda Nicholson

Stephanie never misses a week of training and she's the fittest she's ever been. Stephanie has lost 12kgs in the past year and she regularly pushes herself outside her comfort zone. She's kind, helpful and considerate of other Wild Women. Stephanie strives to do her best for the environment, recycling at every opportunity.


Jodi Fisher, by Wanda Nicholson

Jodi is always finding new challenges. She competed as a wild card in the New York Marathon and this has led to others being inspired to participate in this event. She took on the challenge of training to be a Lifeline crisis line supporter and has chosen many other challenges to test herself. Jodi is a long-term member of our Wild Women community, supporting and encourgaing all of our activities - including participating in many overseas trips. She is always there to support her fellow Wild Women. She loves the challenge of those out-there moments when she's quivering inside but refuses to be defeated.


Kalina Christova, by Jacqueline Conway

Our beautiful Bulgarian Kalina is a quiet and determined achiever. A young mum of two small boys, she's balanced family commitments and work with taking on several adventure and fitness challenges. Just this year, she completed the 60km Sydney Coastrek, competed in her first 100km Oxfam and hiked the Jatbula Trail in the Northern Territory with a full-pack.

She's always smiling at training and is keen to be involved with any group events or new challenges. Her strength, great humour and teamwork is to be highly commended. 


Philio Georgiades, by Maryanne Spiers

With an indomitable spirit and inspirational energy, Philio always lifts the others around her. Philio has thrown herself into adventure challenges this year, completing the Ultra-Trail Australia event, Sydney Coastrek, and a significant stretch of the Camino Trail in Spain. Philio won the Most Inspiring Award for Sydney Coastrek in 2019, after she lost her sight for a month due to a rare virus. She has raised thousands of dollars for charity and is inspiring others to lend a hand.  

Philio Coastrek.jpg

Kerrie May, by Di Westaway

Kerrie is consistently fabulous to have at Trek Training. She's just completed her second 100km Oxfam, and the team all made it – with a 2nd place finish! Kerrie proves anything is possible when you put your mind to it. She makes a great effort to create opportunities for the girls to get together. She's an excellent team builder and she shows us all that we can keep getting stronger, fitter, and healthier as we age.


Leanne Hartley, by Di Westaway

Leanne shows us how to lead an adventurous, balanced life. She manages to maintain a high level of fitness and health while also supporting those around her. She took on the challenging Haute Route with Wild Women On Top this year and she's always training for the next adventure. She’s done Coastrek, Trailwalker and many iconic treks around the world. She also has the best plank in the bush. 


Linda Smith, by Sarah Biggs

Linda shattered her leg a couple years ago in a cycling accident. She had metal plates implanted in her leg, which were removed about six months ago. Her leg is still very weak, but she wanted to get back into exercising, not only to strengthen her leg but also to improve her range of movement and to boost her confidence in her abilities. She decided she would try Trek Training, even though she'd never hiked before. Her first session with Wild Women was at Werribee Gorge, a trail which has challenging ascents and descents and requires navigation around cliff faces. She faced this challenge head on and since then she's achieved a number of firsts - creek crossings, bush bashing and scrambling up steep rock faces.

She acknowledges her nerves but never gives up and gets faster and more confident each time she hikes with Wild Women. She's gone from never hiking before September to signing up for the 60km Coastrek in May. She is also aiming to complete a Wild Women trip in 2020.


Have these Wild Women inspired you to lead a more adventurous life? Join us and take your fitness to new heights with Trek Training!


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