A Love Letter To Myself On International Women's Day

By Bella Westaway | Brand and Content Specialist at Wild Women On Top

Dear Bella,

I hope you know how much I love you.

I hope you know that you are more than enough. As you are. Without makeup, without hair dye, without botox, without these myriad procedures we now need to be considered ‘hot’. I hope you know that your face, body, skin and hair is just a wrapping for the magic that exists inside you, and no amount of cellulite, grey hair or wrinkles can erase it.

I hope you treat your body well, nourish it, move it, pleasure it and respect it. I hope you whisper to it every day... I love you.

I hope you dress your body in things that make you feel amazing, vibrant and free. I hope you always feel free to create your own look, regardless of societal pressure to “dress your age” or wear what’s “on trend”. F*ck that. Wear what you love.

I hope you continue to move in ways that bring you joy. Whether that’s hiking, yoga, dancing, Pilates, swimming, jumping, or stretching, I hope you always appreciate the magic movement brings. I hope you remember to get off the sidelines and play the game. I hope you find the courage to jump in with both feet… even if they get dirty along the way.


I hope you always see your body as a vessel for experiences, not an ornament to be observed. You don’t exist to be looked at, judged or criticised. You exist to explore, create, discover, work, play and experience all the highs and lows that make up the human experience.

I hope you always have the courage to walk away from situations and relationships that dull your sparkle, and those who don’t celebrate your worth. I hope you never stay in a broken relationship because you’re scared of being alone. Girl, you will never be alone, because you belong to a community of women who love you unconditionally. 


I hope you can quiet that little voice inside your head that wants everyone to like you, because in the end, you’ll find you don’t like yourself.  

I hope that, when needed, you fight. I hope you fight against injustice, against people who try to mistreat or manipulate you, who confuse your kindness for weakness. I hope you have the courage to sit in conflict and the wisdom to resolve it when withdrawing would be far, far easier.

I hope you learn you are far stronger than you could ever imagine.

I hope you chase the magic. I hope you get outside your comfort zone, regularly, and explore what makes you feel truly alive. I hope you continue to jump under waterfalls and gaze and the stars and dance by the moonlight.

I hope you know you are never too old, and it’s never too late. 

Most of all, I hope you fall in love with your life, with this moment, with yourself. Because in you I see kindness, generosity, compassion, beauty, strength, ferocity, independence, grace, intelligence, wisdom and joy. I see someone who has room to grow and change and learn but is also worthy of love right now, no ‘improvement’ necessary. I see a woman who is both undeniably flawed and breathtakingly perfect, just as she is. 

I hope you can see it too.

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