Lord Howe AMAZING! 20 out of 10!!!!

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

“Boy do we cram it in … I reckon we  do double what normal people do  in a weekend!” said Wild Women On Top Friday Gal,  Melody Talbot as we flew back from Lord Howe Island last Sunday night.
And what did she love most about the Wild Weekend, which featured the world famous climb of Mt Gower?  “Such fun scrambling up and down those ropes, but at the top … that pristine absolute paradise. Then diving into that water – and so pure, blissful.”

Her cabin buddy, Danae Griffith, labelled it “Lord Howe Amazing – 20 out of 10.” She said, “It had EVERYTHING we love – that secret garden at the top – no wonder David Attenborough fell in love with it – and the colour of the water – luminescent aquamarine.”

It was a first for Wild Women On Top. Our team had trained specifically for the notoriously challenging exposed rock scramble up Mt Gower: an eight hour endurance walk, considered one of the best day walks in the world.

What we discovered it was far, far more. Constantly changing flora, thousands of fearless unique seabirds, tropical jungle vines and rock faces to cling to and swing on, pure mountain streams to fill your drink bottle and a secret garden summit, complete with a lush bright green carpet of moss dripping from the trees, stones, ancient branches and sun-bleached driftwood. Truly, nature’s emerald heaven.

Arriving mid-afternoon on Thursday we had indulged in a stroll along the east coast, across the pristine beaches to finish with barbequed local seafood and fresh fetta, rocket and avocado salad. Then a pre sunrise trek up the island’s northerly peak, Mt Eliza.
After breakfast it was a steep climb up to the famous Goat House cave, dangling on the side of Mt Lidgebird, before traversing along the cliff ledges for stunning views of every rock climber’s dream, Ball’s Pyramid.

We were greeted by Petrels as we ascended, before climbing over Intermediate Hill to indulge in an afternoon dip into the crystal waters of Lovers Bay. Then a sunset walk to the incredible Ned’s Beach, where one pellet of fish food creates a bubbling fish frenzy around your thighs as hundreds of large fish fight for a morsel near the warm water’s edge.

Then snorkling with deep see fish off the beach in a wonderland of electric colour, set against the backdrop of coral reefs, ship wrecks and underwater brilliance. 

The physical challenge of hauling our bodies up and down the 875 metre mountain paled into insignificance as we reflected on the privilege of spending a weekend in this world heritage paradise. Don’t tell anybody else but …  JUST DO IT!

Come with us to Lord Howe Island in April 2016

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