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By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant Wild Women On Top 

Q. We hear so much positive feedback regarding Trek Training and the fabulous communities the wonderful coaches and coastal trails have created. We would love to hear from you! Please tell us a bit of your own story – how did you become a Wild Women coach?

A. I met Di 11 years ago and was just finishing my Master Trainer Certs. I knew I wanted to be an Adventure Fitness Coach and I was overjoyed to find an ad in Fitness Careers from Di for a Trainee Coach role with her. I started as soon as I was qualified and I loved being outdoors, discovering Sydney at night, in the bush and on coastal tracks, and carrying a pack to increase my workout and discovering all the secret rocks scrambles and stairways around the Northern beaches. I completed the traineeship and began coaching. It’s been ten years since I started and I still love the feeling and fitness I get from being Trek Fit. 

Q. Where and when is your Trek Training session located? 

A. Tuesdays 9.30am for 3hrs  on the gorgeous trails around Mosman and the Lower North Shore.

Friday’s 9.30am for 2hrs, on the iconic Northern Beaches. 

Q.Tell us about your session – is it an endurance walk, HIIT (high intensity interval training) or a combination? Why do you choose to structure your sessions in this manner? 

A. Every session is built to be a mini adventure. The tides and weather determine how much rock scrambling we can do, but I like to incorporate endurance walking, with some intervals on stairs and hills in between, and body weight or pack workouts on the beach or in the park. I always close with a stretch/mobility/relaxation session wherever possible. 

Q.We speak of Trek Training as more than just fitness sessions but rather an activity that transforms people from the inside out. Do you have a favourite story you could share regarding how Trek Training has transformed or changed someone’s life? 

A. I trained Julie Mc Crossin when she first started with us, one on one, as she wasn’t yet fit enough to join one of our regular groups, but she loved the idea of getting Trek Fit. I was amazed at how much she improved as she built up her fitness and how her belief in herself and what she was capable of physically, changed. She started to feel so much more confident in her ability to take on physical challenges and soon she was encouraging her friends and family to join her as she took on the challenge of Sydney Coastrek, which she has done every year since, and then Melbourne Coastrek. 

Q.What is it about Wild Women on Top that inspires you and keeps you coming back for more? 

A. I love being part of a team. I love sharing experiences with other women and the magic and fulfilment that comes from walking in beautiful places. I get truly inspired to train harder, sleep more, eat healthy foods and look after my body and mind when I know I have an adventure to train for. What I get out of these adventures is “feel good” memories, magic moments and rejuvenation which helps me to be the best person I can be, both at home and at work, and inspire others to take on a life changing adventure with me. 

Q.What was your favourite Wild Women adventure you have embarked on and why (overseas or domestic)? Were there any inspirational stories on this trip that you would like to share – whether it be an individual feat or a change in itinerary that saw the team thrust into the unknown? 

A. Trekking across the beautiful island of Corsica was a highlight for me. We covered many kilometres over 12 days, climbed in snow and ice, and many of our team were taken way out of their comfort zone in climbing across craggy mountain sides and rock scrambling for long periods to get to our next destination. We were also caught in a huge lightning storm, and I was filled with admiration for the courage, team work, bravery and clam that the group displayed in getting us all safely to the end of that day, and still finding the energy and enthusiasm to take an icy dip in a mountain stream at the end to top it all off!

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