Letter To My Son

By Lisa Marshall | Director 

To my son,

I want to show you just how cool trekking is. I suspect that very soon I’ll be dragging you from whatever device (The IPhone 12S?) as you moan about having to go on a walk with your old mum. 

But for now I LOVE that at 6 years of age you still delight in a walk along the trail to the North Head lookout, relishing in a rock scramble or a bush bash up the secret tracks we find along the way. 

My wish is to make that feeling last for you.

I’m afraid as I watch kids around us spending more and more time indoors on their devices, and less and less time moving outdoors. The inexplicable feeling when looking out at a stunning view, or climbing to the tip of a rocky summit, truly connects you to the beauty and healing powers of nature. 

I am afraid for your generation – that without the pleasure of that natural high, you won’t have a reason to look after this earth and its natural habitat for years to come.

So I am on a mission to show you just how COOL trekking in nature is. I don’t even know if young people use that word anymore… so maybe I’ll go with ‘hip’ or ‘now’ or ‘happening.’

Each time I walk out in nature and bound up a rocky path or traverse a headland with stunning ocean beaches below, I am filled with such a sense of awe and excitement. I’m truly grateful that I get to call Australia home. That I can go wild walking on tracks and beaches and not fear for my safety.  I want you to grow up knowing and appreciating these places of pure natural beauty that you are privileged enough to have at your doorstep. 

I’m going to show you that a two hour trek in nature can give you countless benefits.

You’re probably yawning at this as a child, at your mum… the one always dressed in her workout gear come rain or shine at school drop off, obsessed with nature and adventures, never ever giving up sharing the wonders of walking in nature with you. But someday soon I know you and your friends will come to see trekking as COOL. 

Whether you’re back packing overseas with friends for the first time or climbing your first mountain, you will realise that trekking gives you a reason to travel to stunning, far off places, to visit mountain peaks and old temples that very few people will ever have the privilege of vising because it takes physical effort, mental effort and a lust for life to get there. 

You’ll love the feeling of exhilaration as you reach the end of a long day of trekking. After completing many miles you’ll sleep so deeply and wake up to sore muscles, but relish in the strength you feel. You will feel more and more alive each day and use your body and mind to take on challenges out in nature. You will truly experience this world’s beauty and wonder. 

And I know one day we will get to experience it all together. So I’m going to keep nagging you to get out there with me, and to keep sharing the joy of trekking in nature and the exhilaration at being able to rock hop for many more years to come, just as you do so naturally as a young child.

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