Let's Celebrate our ELITE COASTREKKERS!

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

Imagine RUNNING 50 kilometers. Wow!  That’s a long way.
Now imagine running 50 kilometers in 5 hrs, 53 minutes! Amazing!

How about running it in soft sand and rocky bush tracks in monsoonal weather in a team of four and all finishing together in under 6 hours? Abso-bloody-lootly incredible!
We are talking extreme elite athletes here!

The average 50k team on the Wild Women On Top Sydney Coastrek took 13 hours to cover the 50k of the Day trek from Palm Beach to Balmoral. That was impressive and tough.

Shona Stephenson, Jaquai Benoit, Melanie Barton and Samantha Isbell (in different teams) ran this year’s 50k Coastrek in under 6 hours! This is truly extraordinary.

These women are extreme elite athletes and we congratulate them.

Discipline, dedication, hard work and inspiring commitment to an incredible goal has got to be celebrated. And all this while juggling kids, families, work and other life commitments.

The winning teams in the Wild Women On Top Sydney Coastrek were honoured and thanked last night at the Celebration Night. Full results HERE

But we must also congratulate the 1,700 trekkers who COMPLETED the 2013 Sydney Coastrek 50-100km Team challenge in extremely difficult conditions, smiling, leaping and laughing all the way along the wind and rain lashed route.
Amazingly, 90% of these Coastrekkers were women, and 50% over 45 years of age.

We were also thrilled to learn that a total of 87.4% trekkers completed the Event. In the 100km division, 51% trekkers finished, while in the 50km Day 94.3% trekkers finished and in the 50km Night  92.9% trekkers finished.

And then there’s the 100k Winners. Line Honours this year go to an All Female team;  HAPPY FEET, who finished 100 kilometers in 19hrs 11mins:  Congratulations Leyla Brookes,  Kelli Marnoch,  Fiona Mance & Susie Fletcher

Other outstanding results include: 50km Day Women: Great Outdoor Runners “Flyers”: 6hrs 54 mins; Narelle Grayson,  Adrienne Torda,  Veronika Larisova, Lise Lafferty

50km Night Women: Watsons Waterloo Wenches: 7hrs 21 mins
Amanda Johnston,  Sondra Kremerskothen,  Michelle Sheather,  Nikki Orr

If you missed out on the opportunity of entering this year’s Wild Women On Top Sydney Coastrek because it was booked out, make sure you’re ready for next year’s event. You can Spring into Coastrek by entering on 2nd September for the 2014 Event, which will be held 28 Feb - 1st March.

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