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By Lisa Marshall | Director of Wild Women On Top 

Life's like that pile of books you have on your bedside table. The varied pile is made up of books you bought or borrowed or were given, that at some time spoke to you, or connected you with a thought or a lesson or a story you strongly needed to read at the time. 

Some of those books stay on your bedside table and are never opened. They are the "one day I'll read it pile". Eventually they gather dust and are relegated to a book shelf or given to charity after your seasonal clean. 

Some books are started and then set aside and replaced by something that we consider more interesting, something more deserving of our time. These books find their way to the ‘I lost interest pile.’ Maybe it was because their content was too heavy, required too much concentration or the completion of their chapters were too hard, too demanding.

On the bottom of the pile, is the books we have read numerous times, we know the characters like friends and we feel a part of their stories. These books always stay with us, they are a part of us.

Life takes a certain path or direction depending on the "books" you choose to read and take in. It's all a matter of deciding which ones are most important to you and which ones will get you to where you want to be - how you want your life to unfold and the people you want to share it with. Picking up a novel requires effort and time, resources that could be spent in other areas of our lives. Yet those who read, and read a variety of novels absorb a variety of lessons – meet characters from around the globe, and acquaint themselves with stories and morals that shape their lives.

It may sound cliché, but if you relegate your dreams and goals to the "one day I'll read it pile" life will pass by you by. The book will forever remain closed and its pages will become clouded with dust. You won't see much change in your life day to day and a year later you'll pull that book out, all dusty, and wonder why you are still in the same place.

If you want to make a change in your life or fulfil a big goal you’ve been putting off, then you need to make a conscious decision to move that book to the top of the pile where you'll reach for it every morning and every night. Where the title will transform itself into a goal, it will be at the front of your mind in everything you do, every day and in every decision you make.

The biggest, scariest decisions I have had to make in life for both work and home, have always taken me on a path where I learn more, meet amazing people, grow and achieve things I never thought possible. But this has also always involved putting aside the “trashy novels” that I really would rather be reading at night because they’re easy. It’s always involved a re-sorting of that pile of “other commitments” and lists sitting on my bedside table, so that my energy and focus is aligned with the goal I am aiming to achieve.

The one book I never relegate to the bottom of the pile or to the bookshelf is “My Health and Wellness”. Whatever work or personal goals I am aiming for, I always make time for my health and fitness, getting out in nature to work out and being part of a team activity. Simply because I have learnt over and over again: that without my daily activity, nutritious food and quality rest, my body and mind don’t function well enough get me to where I am aiming to be.

As you look at the months and years ahead and consider that long time “book” that may have been “sitting” on your bedside table waiting to be opened and realised, pull it out, dust it off and put it somewhere you can see it every day.

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