If You're Feeling Lost, Here's How To Find Yourself Again

By The Wild Women On Top Team

With schools going back and some lockdowns being gradually relaxed, it feels like the worst of the pandemic might have passed – at least for us in Australia.

But things still feel unstable, our future uncertain. We still don’t know when life will return to the way it was, or if it ever will. Some of us are still grieving for what we’ve lost… hugs from loved ones, walking with friends, picnics at the beach, hikes in the hills, work, wild adventures and the freedom to eat out, drink out and catch up en masse. We don’t know if these things will be possible in weeks, months or years.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many of us quickly got caught up in the fear and panic.

Some of us found our minds jumping from catastrophe to catastrophe as we struggled to sleep: What if mum got sick? What if my kids were infected? What if I got stuck overseas unable to get home? What if my business went bust? What if I lost my job? What if I never saw my family again? What if I had no income? What if I had no food? What if I ran out of loo paper? What if? What if? What if?!

Most of us have never faced such a crisis and it took us a while to get a grip.

Here’s the thing: when things are uncertain, fear takes over. We start catastophising and our minds jump to the worst-case scenario. This is a natural survival mechanism, designed for our fight or flight instincts, but in times of emotional turmoil, when there’s no tiger to escape from, this confusion can mess with our minds.

Once we calm down, focused on what we can control and not on what had been snatched away from us, we realise there is help and love all around. We know for our own health and wellbeing, as well as that of friends, family and loved ones, we need to radiate a calm and positive energy and share the good.

Focus on what you can control

Focusing on what you can’t do makes things feel worse, while focusing on what you can do empowers you to act.

You can still go for walks, talk to friends, hug your household, spend time in nature, dance, experience joy, plan adventures, eat delicious food… and so many other wonderful things.

You can’t control whether other people follow the rules, if there’s going to be toilet paper at the shops, if your holiday is cancelled or how quickly this pandemic will pass. Thinking of what you don’t have will only make you feel worse. Let it go.

Limit your media intake

To keep your glass half full, curate what you allow into your head by carefully selecting what and how much news you follow. Focus on the Health Department information and limit your exposure to those who spread fear and panic.  

Stay focused on all the amazing stories of love and kindness rather than who’s not self-distancing correctly and who had too many friends around for dinner.

When you choose to focus on how many people are doing the right thing, random acts of kindness and wonderful support all around us, you will feel a whole lot better.

Walk in nature daily

Walking in nature is one of the beautiful things we are still allowed to do, so make sure you’re doing it daily!

It will be even more joyful if you share it with a friend or family member. Don’t miss a day. Your mind and body will rejoice, and your spirits will soar. 

Set a personal schedule and goals

If you’ve had to cancel a big adventure, I feel you. I’ve had to cancel four trips this year, and it’s not ideal. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your goals.

If you had a big overseas adventure planned, switch to an awesome Aussie adventure. You may like to come up with a virtual goal that’s possible while social distancing, like walking the equivalent of the Inca Trail with a friend in your neighbourhood. Or perhaps you have to postpone that once in a lifetime bucket-lister and create a local one instead.

Use your adventure goal to motivate you to keep going on your training routine every day and encourage others to do the same.

Do your part

If you’re feeling hopeless, remember that you can do your part by social distancing, washing your hands with soap, resisting the urge to hoard, staying home unless necessary, and leading by example. It may not feel like superhero-level work, but it is.

Keep dreaming, keep moving forward, and together we are going to all come out of this this challenge stronger and more resilient than before.

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