If You Want An Epic Adventure, You Need These Four Things

 By Sophia Hatzis | Digital Content Producer at Wild Women On Top

You can plan all you like for an adventure, but the reality is some things just won't go your way. We've all felt the panic of leaving a passport at home, missing a connecting flight, or booking the wrong accommodation. 

Out on the trail, whether at home or overseas, we've all had our patience tested by the weather gods. Mother Nature's got her own plans, and she's not stopping for anyone. 

But there are a few key things we guarantee will make your next adventure epic. Adelaide-based Trek Training coach Millie Walker says if you add these four simple elements you've got yourself a wild adventure you'll remember forever.

What hiking gear are you loving most right now?

I’ve always loved my Camelbak for easy fluids on the go. But you can’t go past new socks with anti-slip grip from Paddy Pallin too. 

What’s the key to an epic adventure?

There a few key things that make an adventure epic. You need friendship, nature, teamwork, and something a bit challenging - so you’ll always remember it! 

What are five things you always have in your backpack when hiking?

Water, blister blocks, sunscreen, first aid, and a snack! 

What’s the most common hiking mistake you see?

The most common hiking mistakes I see would be dehydration, lack of preparation, and not letting others know your plans.

What’s your best hiking tip?

My hiking tip would be to pack some zip-lock bags and spare socks, make sure you're prepared, walk with great friends, and have a sense of adventure! Don't forget to change your socks and pamper your feet.

What's the best hike you've ever done and what made it so epic?

Hiking the Inca Rivers circuit in Peru with Wild Women On Top was amazing. Wonderful scenery, beautiful friendships and magic moments galore!

Our adventures are always epic because they've got the perfect blend of nature, friendship, adventure, and challenge. Plus, there's no chance of missing a flight or booking the wrong accomodation, because we do it for you. Just make sure you've got your passport! Join us today!


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No matter how much you plan for your next adventure, the reality is some things just won't go your way. But if you add these four key elements, you've got yourself a wild adventure you'll remember forever.