"I promise you this....it's the most exquisite adventure of life"

By Samantha Page | Marketing Assistant at Wild Women On Top 

Meet the wonderful Suzy Jacobs, fearless championing entrepreneur and founder of womens development business, She Business.

Since a child, the Australian outback had woven its way into Suzy's dreams. It was until years later, divorced and seeking the authentic life she always desired, Suzy found herself on the Larapinta trail, with a travel buddy, a full pack, incredible landscapes and a trail of adventures ahead. 

Q: Everyone has a journey that shapes the person they are today. What’s your journey? How did you become the fearless championing entrepreneur you are today? 

At 17 I made a break for freedom. A student of an elite Sydney school I couldn’t connect with their narrow view of success.  From very early on I was the one challenging the status quo, searching for a way of life that made sense. I didn’t have a course outline or a manual so I’ve made plenty of mistakes but 49 years down the track I’ve discovered the most congruent, authentic version of life.  

Q: With our companies’ focus being on embracing the Wild and the wonderful, we must know, what was the catalyst/reason behind your decision to complete the Larapinta trail unassisted? 

I had a dream … truly I did.  

For years, I would picture myself in the outback, absolutely nothing around me, the red dirt under foot and a big blue sky overhead. 

When I separated from my husband and beautiful partner of 25 years I had an urge to walk, I think I instinctively understood that I would need something to keep me on track.  As I researched my options the old dream of the outback came to me and I knew it was time to explore Australia.

Overcoming fear has been my strange and wonderful life-long adventure and I knew this trek was simply the next stage. 

Q: Tell us about your Larapinta adventure experience? How did it feel trekking Australia’s gorgeous backyard in complete isolation? Was there ever a time fear got the best of you and you wanted to turn back? If so, how did you overcome this?

It was THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY experience. The outback is this vast, majestic, empty land that heals the soul with every step.  The silence is liberating and although the earth is hard and the rocks are like shards of steel I found the walk soothing … most of the time.

Prior to Larapinta I had never EVER camped and I had trekked just once and only for 20kms! I’ve kept fit most of my life so felt confident I would deal with the physical challenge but wasn’t so sure about the camping stuff.

On day one we got lost and trekked 40kms instead of 27 arriving at the first campsite exhausted and long after nightfall.

On day 2 we managed to lose each other. So, my second night in the outback I was alone – literally not another person in sight – it was -4 degrees and my trekking buddy was carrying all the food.

At first I was scared and desperate to change what was happening but my fear soon subsided, replaced by acceptance.  

I wore every piece of clothing in my backpack to keep warm, I huddled in my sleeping bag and looked up to the big night sky.  It was truly magical and as I gave myself to the experience I felt the corners of my mouth curl into a smile …. Well I had wanted an outback adventure.

Q: Do you believe your experience transformed your mindset? If so, in what way?

Absolutely. I discovered I manage my emotions really well in emergency situations.

I reconnected with my inner adventurer, a new source of great strength, joy and laughter.

I learnt I don’t have to be the best, nor am I supposed to know things I’ve never done before and when I release myself from those expectations I can enjoy the process of learning.  I can now camp 

Q: What advice would you give to our Wild Women who are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone and take on a Wild Adventure?

I promise you this.  You already have the power within and discovering it, is the most exquisite adventure of life.

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