How Watching The Sunrise Can Change Your Life

By Sophia Hatzis | Digital Content Producer

When we asked the women in our Wild Women Community to share how they got out of their comfort zone, we were inspired by the responses.

Nitu lead her father and young children on a jungle walk in Malaysia, Kelly hiked up a volcano in Ecuador, and Emily filmed herself testing out a new move on an aerial apparatus. 

Getting out of your comfort zone builds mental toughness and resilience. So when life throws something unexpected at you, you're more prepared to deal with it.

For some people, getting out of their comfort zone means signing up for a scary but exciting challenge. For others, it might mean opening up and being vulnerable. 

The winner of our comfort zone challenge was Angela Van Boxtel, who lives on the stunning Northern Beaches of Sydney. Angela's goal was to get up when it was still dark to watch the sunrise every morning and document the experience with photos. Even when it was freezing. Even when she just wanted to turn off her alarm and stay in bed. 

“It meant choosing nature and myself over comfort and ease during the winter school holidays,” she says.

“It meant getting up when I was warm and snuggly, and committing to the elements of nature, not using my children as an excuse to not do something.”

For this busy mother of four, it would've been easy to find an excuse. But she committed to pushing herself, and the reward was epic.

“I breathed in all of the morning beauty. I felt more in touch with myself and connected to a larger universe. I learnt that regardless of the challenges in my life, I can trust one thing. The sun will come up every day on the dot," she says.

“Some days she shines bright, some days she’s hidden, but she shows up doing what she’s supposed to do. I discovered that life is simply like that. All I need to do is be me.”

Angela’s challenge was only meant to be for nine days. But getting out of her comfort zone felt so amazing, it’s become a daily ritual. It gets her in a great headspace and keeps her grounded. Her tradition has even inspired other women to get involved.

“I started to see that my pictures had a positive influence on others. A single mum and her daughter I hadn’t seen for a long time said, ‘Can I come and watch the sunrise with you and have coffee?’”

“I’ve seen others starting to wake up earlier and try to catch the sunrise. They’re tagging me, saying ‘Angela I made it’.”

Angela realised making small changes and committing to something challenging and uncomfortable had a ripple effect.

“I’ve started adding yoga a few times a week to my daily routine. Before, that idea only lived in my head. I realised that adding small things to your day can set you up for a happier, healthier, and more productive life. A challenge can be very small, it doesn’t have to be something major. The real challenge lies in sticking with it.”

Watching the sunrise at the start of a new day reminds Angela that every day is a “blank canvas for any of us to fill in”. 

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Join us on a Wild Adventure.

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