How To Motivate Yourself To Workout In Winter

By The Wild Women On Top Team

If you’ve ever been tempted to hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off and it’s cold, dark and wet outside – we get you. We’ve been there. 

You know how amazing you’ll feel when you’ve warmed up on your walk and those happy hormones are flowing, but those cosy sheets and an extra hour of sleep is just so damn tempting.

Working out in winter - when it’s raining, there’s frost on the grass, and there’s a chill in the air – can be tough. But walking outside is amazing for your mental and physical health. So, we shouldn’t let a bit of wild weather get in the way of our health and our goals.

If you’re lacking a bit of motivation in these colder months, we’ve got you! With just a few key ingredients, you can turn a winter slump around. 

Set a Goal

To help you stay motivated, you need a goal to work towards. It can be a Big Hairy Audacious goal, like climbing Mt Kosciusko, walking the 60km Coastrek or signing up for the Stayin’ Wild Challenge. It’s difficult to have overseas hiking adventure goals at the moment because of travel restrictions, but you can still look local for an epic adventure. You can also set yourself mini goals to stay motivated, like walking 10,000 steps every day. 

Having your heart and mind set on a goal you want to achieve helps keep your motivation flowing when times get tough! Making progress every week, every month and every season will keep you focused on your daily walking and the little things that will lead you back into the wilderness with your tribe.

Get That Diary Out, Baby!

Diarising your weekly workout plan is a great way to stay motivated. By carving out time and planning your daily workouts, you’ll be less likely to ‘um’, ‘ah’ and flake at the last minute. Write your schedule down on a calendar or post-it notes and stick it on the fridge. Set reminders on your phone. Or if you’re old school, get your diary out and pencil it in.

Then, tick off your workouts when you’ve done them to feel awesome (and maybe a little smug).

Do Movement You Love

If you love walking, walk. If you’re a fan of yoga, do it daily. If you don’t like swimming, don’t bother with it. 

Picking activities and movement you love is crucial to staying motivated. If you’re choosing exercise that’s painful, makes you stare at the clock, or bores you to tears – it’s not likely you’re going to stick to your goals and stay motivated. When that alarm goes off, you won’t want to leap out of bed. You’ll want to hit the snooze button.

But when you do movement you love, it doesn’t feel like a chore! It’s fun, enjoyable, exciting, and easier to stick to. So don’t worry about the bums, abs and fancy gym workouts you’ve seen on Instagram. Do what works for you and your body will love you for it.

Workout With Friends

Working out with your friends is fun, but it’s also great for keeping your motivation high. It’s much harder to bail on a workout or a walk if you’re seeing your besties. So commit to a social workout and let the FOMO, or the fear of disappointing your friends, motivate you! 

Your friends are also going to be the ones who will text you messages of support when you’re feeling flat and demotivated.

If you don’t have any adventure buddies to join you, we’ve got plenty of hiking goddesses in our Wild Women Community for you to meet!

Have Your Clothes Ready!

Winter weather can be super unpredictable, so you have to be prepared for all conditions. Wild Women don’t let a little rain get in their way, but we do like to be prepared, so make sure you’ve got the kit you need to suit the conditions. If you’re going hiking in winter or walking early in the morning, you might want some thermals to keep you warm, or a rain jacket and spare pair of socks if there’s a chance of showers.  

To stay extra motivated, set your clothes out for the next day at the bottom of your bed the night before. So when the alarm goes off, you don’t have to think... just get dressed and get out the door. 

Focus On Giving Back

If you’re looking for extra motivation to stick to your goals, having a ‘giving back’ element helps keep you on track. When you’re doing good for others, like raising funds for Beyond Blue in the Stayin’ Wild challenge, there’s an extra layer of accountability because your actions will help others.

Treat Yo’self!

Having a little treat to look forward to can help give you that extra boost of motivation. Plan a coffee date with your girlfriends after your workout - or a nice morning tea after a long hike – to really treat yourself and commit to your training goals. Who doesn’t love a little pick me up after you’ve been flooded with happy hormones!

If All Else Fails, Doing A Little Is Better Than Doing Nothing

If, for whatever reason, you hit the snooze button or you skip a workout, don’t sweat it. It happens to the best of us. If all else fails, just do a little. Because a little is better than a nothing! Even if it’s just five minutes walking around the block. It can transform your whole day.

Looking for a challenge to keep you motivated this winter? We've got the perfect one for you! Sign up for the Stayin' Wild Challenge now! It's just $25 to join, and your first buddy goes free.

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