How to keep your New Years Resolutions past January 3rd...

By Di Westaway | CEO & Founder Wild Women On Top

For the three adults in our family, our New Years resolutions were as clichéd and repetitive as last year.

Get fit. Lose weight. (Or, in the case of my 22-year-old son, get big. Sigh.)

Of course there were also a few things about working more/less, partying more/less, and picking up the bathmat, but our family, like the majority of Australians, put our health goals at the top of the list for 2014.

The reason for this is that these goals are so damn hard to achieve, and they’re so important to us, that we just keep on putting them out there year after year. And mostly we start with a bang, then lose motivation and give up. Do you?

Research shows that people who stick to New Year’s resolutions write them down, tell everybody, do something towards them every day, give them a one month trial, outsource or pay for them and use a three-step approach.

For me, its been a kick arse year of achieving some great goals plus a bit of pain and suffering.

With a fantastic business partner, Lisa Marshall, and awesome team, I’ve built Coastrek & Trek Training significantly, motivating 3000 people to trek the stunning coast of Sydney, sell and buy a house, climb Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia with my 12 year old son, trek the Jatbula Trail & Lord Howe Island with gorgeous wild women, laugh, cry and dance with my three kids; and stay healthy and fit with a few annoying injuries.

This was all possible because I made a plan. I followed the tips below, and made health and fitness part of my lifestyle.

Top Ten Tips to Fitness and Health for 2014.

1. Give yourself a challenging fitness and health goal to keep you motivated

2. Connect with like-minded women so you always have somebody to exercise with -  it must be social

3. Remember that every day is diet day - aim to eat healthy nutritious food every day. (Over 40's – sadly our metabolism slows so make all calories nutritious ones if you want to remain healthy and medicine free into old age.

4. Lock yourself into a workout routine that fits your work and family commitments – statistics show that people who exercise first thing in the morning stick with it best

5. Commit yourself to 3 x 30min aerobic; 2x 20min resistance and one relaxation session per week

6. Tell your family and friends your sacred training times and work your social life around them or into them!

7. Challenge your favourite excuses not to exercise: “I need to cook dinner; my family needs me at home now; the kids need help with their homework; work needs me to stay late; my partner wants me to go to the movies; I have to take the cat to the vet; it’s my birthday; I need sleep” can all be replaced with: “After I’ve done my workout …” all those things can happen.

8. Remind yourself that without your fitness and health, you won’t be happy, they won’t be happy and being sick is expensive.

9. Make a financial commitment to your exercise. Research shows that the more you pay for something, the more you value it.

10. Measure your progress with mini goals, fitness coaching and/or technology so you see your results.

So now that the hangover has worn off and the reality of the new year is starting to sink in, make sure you plan HOW you intend to achieve those goals, and make 2014 the year that change happens. We believe in you.

Have a wonderful holiday!
Di and the Wild Women On Top Team

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