Here's how to stop feeling invisible at 40...

By Lisa Marshall & Samantha Page | Director & Marketing Assistant | Wild Women On Top 

2016 was the crazy year you planned to do something extraordinary, climb a gigantic mountain, explore a new part of the world or trek with a full pack through the Australian Outback. But somehow the calendar is on its final page and the closest thing to a holiday you have had is your kid’s year 9 excursion to Taronga zoo…

Everything feels a little same same – wake up, work, cook, sleep, repeat. Remember that feeling of invisibility your own mother used to speak about when she reached age 40? Well, you’re feeling it now too and you’re not liking it.

The kids have grown up, they're independent, or as my mum would say… they have been launched into the big wide world. Now it's your turn! 

So Wild Woman, it’s now time to listen to your adventure cravings, and swap your feelings of invisibility for invincibility and get trekking in nature. 

If you are new to the world of trekking and feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of trekking adventures available, it’s totally normal. Each travel company has different travel destinations, recommendations and most importantly grading processes. Finding the right trek that suits your experience and fitness levels can be extremely difficult. 

Wild Women On Top can help you! We have developed an easy guide to work out what kind of adventures work for different fitness levels. Based on years of experience and training thousands of women, we know what is involved in preparing for different levels of trekking. Here is a quick fitness guide to get you started on your life changing adventure. 

Q: Which level of fitness do you think you're currently at?

1. Newbie - new to outdoor fitness, little outdoor experience, but exercise 3+ times a week. Can walk a minimum of 7kms in one go. 

2. Mod Squad - active 3-5 times a week including high intensity interval training and endurance, some trekking experience, ccan walk 12kms in one go. 

3. Challenging/ Hard core - able to carry a weighted pack (9kg+) on undulating terrain, confident on rockly terrain and steep ledges, have experience in multi-day trekking (up to 8 hours per day) and able to walk 25km in one go. 


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