This Healthy Ice Cream Recipe Will Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

By the Wild Women On Top Team

Ah, ice cream. The most wonderful summer food. 

If you love to enjoy the sticky, delicious sweetness of a big, ole bowl of ice cream, we feel you. Us too. 

We wanted to try a more nourishing version that satisfies our sweet tooth and gives us our daily dose of fruit, and this recipe is a winner! 


- 1-2 cups frozen fruit (mango, raspberries or banana work really well) 

- Liquid such as lemon or lime juice (you may want to use milk or greek yoghurt for the banana version)

- Sweetner such as maple syrup, agave or honey

- Greek yoghurt (optional) 


1. Add fruit and sweetner to blender and blend, adding liquid VERY slowly until mixture becomes soft and smooth (like a soft serve texture). 

2. Serve in a bowl and drizze with topping such as roasted nuts, cinnamon, honey or chocolate bits.

3. Eat it quickly before it melts! 

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