Get FIT for your MIDLIFE crisis!

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

Last weekend, the Wild Women On Top coaches went wild in the bush.

We threw away our itineraries, phones, antiseptic gel and mascara! We plunged naked into the ocean on remote beaches, did cartwheels and handstands in the sand, and wrapped ourselves in banners on rocky mountain summits, laughing all the way.

It was invigorating and liberating. Our education and training weekend turned into a fabulous frolic. And we loved every minute of it; including our Gen Y Coaches!

And on reflection, I know what we were doing: we were getting fit for our midlife crisis.

Academics debate the existence of a midlife crisis, but we all know the stereotypes: men have affairs and buy Porches; women get botox and have affairs.  So, just in case it’s true, how about we look for other solutions? We can evaluate our life goals and get healthy.

Exercise and a good diet can really help. Embrace midlife; don’t fear it. By improving your lifestyle behaviours, many problems in life can be reversed. Physical activity can reduce an extreme amount of tension and reduces a good amount of stress you may be feeling. A balanced, nutritious meal plan is also important along with sleep and rest.

Most experts look at a crisis in midlife as an opportunity to take action, revaluate priorities and transform life for the better. A midlife crisis can be a transformative marked by tremendous growth around achieving new goals or revisiting old ones. It's also about coming to terms with new life patterns and finding new meanings in one's life. For some, it might be channelling time and energy once reserved for raising children into new and fulfilling endeavours and adventures!

Learning how to handle stress during midlife can help circumvent a crisis becoming a major depression.

Below are 10 tips that can help alleviate stress.
1. Nourish yourself. Pursue fun and nurturing activities, such as getting fit with the girls, taking a yoga class, watching the sunrise or going for a bike ride.
2. Identify sources of stress and make adjustments. Over-commitments to non-essential activities are a good place to start!
3. Getyaself a goal buddy!  Enlist the help of family and friends to help keep you on track with your project plan.
4. Exercise. Physical activity will relieve stress and elevate your mood. Fitness after 40 is essential for mental and physical health as we age.
5. Eat well. You'll feel better. You'll think clearer. Focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and nuts.
6. SLEEP! Make sure you sleep in and wake up naturally a couple of days a week.
7. Accept help when it's offered. Believe it or not, this can be one of the hardest things to do. Accepting help does not mean you're a failure, it shows wisdom.
8. Say no. Accept the fact that you can't do everything well. Over committing can sap your energy and take you off track of your project plan.
9. Learn to release your frustrations. Holding on to issues and resentments of the past will only keep your arms full and unable to hold or even recognize the joys of today.
10. And our favourite… Keep a sense of humour!!! Laughter can be the best stress buster on this planet. Learn to find humour in midlife as you experience challenges throughout the day. Laughing with the girls can be amazingly powerful.

The excitement and buzz that the Wild Women On Top coaches are about to unleash on their Trek Training groups will sweep you away.  Share the buzz now, and use 'midlife' as an opportunity to improve your life!!!

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