Five Pieces Of Hiking Gear Coach Sarah Packs Every Time

By Sophia Hatzis | Digital Content Producer 

Ever felt overwhelmed and confused about what to pack on a hike? We feel you. Do I need to bring poles? Do I just need one pole? What about a buff? Gaiters? Eventually, you've packed most of the gear you own and you can barely lift your pack up.

The kit you need depends what adventure you're doing, and being fully prepared will make your trek much more enjoyable. Walking in soggy socks when you forgot to bring a spare pair isn't the best fun.

Some pieces of kit are more important for safety and comfort than others. Melbourne Trek Training Coach Sarah Biggs shares what five pieces of kit she always has in her pack when she's hiking. 

What hiking gear are you loving most right now?

Being winter and living in Central Victoria, I’m currently in love with my thermal tights. They are so warm but still allow for so much freedom when walking. They also dry really quickly which is essential in the Victorian winter. 

What are five things you always have in your pack when you're hiking?

I never go hiking without a well-stocked first aid kit, plenty of water, tissues, ziplock bags (best invention ever), and a head torch. Not very exciting, but I’d never leave home without them. 

What do you think is the key to an epic adventure?

I think the key to an epic adventure is to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Experience something completely new and revel in the adventure. 

What's the most common hiking mistake you see?

The most common hiking mistake people make is believing they are in control. Don’t be fooled people. Mother Nature is always in charge and she's a fickle mistress. One minute she's seducing you with her beauty, the next she's testing every bit of resilience you have. Never underestimate her power!

What's your favourite hiking trail in Victoria and why?

This one is tough as there are so many amazing places to hike in Victoria. However, I would have to say Lerderderg and Mount Macedon State Parks because they're 20 minutes from my house. The fact both places have amazing walks helps. If I ever have a couple of hours spare, I can jump in the car, drive down the road, and get lost in the bush. It's my favourite way to spend ‘me’ time.

Trek Training is now in Melbourne! Get out of your comfort zone and take your fitness to new heights with Trek Training Coach Sarah Biggs.


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