Epic Experiences You Need To Add To Your Bucket List

By the Wild Women On Top Team

If you ‘Google’ Bucket List hikes, you’ll get a list of some of the world’s most famous walking trails. From the Inca Trail to Everest Base Camp, the Appalachian Trail to Mt Kilimanjaro, they’re iconic.

But what about those off-the-beaten-track kind of adventures that often go under the radar? They’re usually quieter, more remote, and often more beautiful than their overly touristy counterparts.

We asked the Wild Women team to share their favourite adventure, to bring you 20 experiences you absolutely need to add to your bucket list.


Maryanne – Wild Adventures Manager

Where: Dientes circuit, Patagonia

Why: Patagonia is at the top of my bucket list, and I’m so excited to finally be going! This trail has been called one of the best treks in Patagonia, and for good reason. This 42km circuit is the southernmost major trek in the world, journeying along rural roads through rocky wilderness, forests, peat bogs, valleys, lakes and rivers. It’s one of very few remote places left on earth, and I can’t wait to explore it with a team of Wild Women next year!

Want to join Maryanne? Check out the itinerary.


Sally – Event Production Manager

Where: The NaPali Coast on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai

Why: The 13km round trip from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapiai Falls is my number 1! Hanakapiai Falls is approximately 60m high with a beautiful (freezing) pool below. Despite the temperature, pack your swimmers for a well-earned swim! The hike itself is not exactly easy. The trail can be muddy, slippery, or is simply a creek bed that you must navigate. The landscape is EPIC!

Mt Rinjani

Donna – Acquisition Marketing Specialist

Where: Mt Rinjani, Lombok

Why: Walking into a live volcano and swimming in a hot spring inside the crater was epic! This three-day hike is truly an experience you don’t want to miss.


Jacq – Coach

Where: Mongolia

Why: Mongolia is particularly interesting because of the fascinating nomadic culture of its locals, who we get the opportunity to hike with on this extraordinary trek. The Mongols live on the land not out of necessity, but choice, and to have the opportunity to see this culture first-hand is truly a bucket list experience!

Tickle your fancy? Get more info here


Lisa – Marketing Assistant

Where: Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala

Why: This overnight hike is one I will not be forgetting anytime soon! It's a super challenging ascend but is seriously the coolest experience. Not only do you camp overnight on a dormant volcano, but one of the worlds most active volcanoes erupts periodically throughout the night, just across the way! And no… I did not sleep.

Lord Howe Island

Lara – Accountant

Where: Lord Howe Island.

Why: Spectacular scenery, remote, nature that is incredibly unique and only found there. It’s called ‘Australia’s little Galapagos’ for a reason!


Nicola – Coach

Where: Ak-Suu Turkestan Ranges Trek, Turkestan

Why: Turkestan is a small area in central Asia, with stunning mountain ranges, picturesque gorges and alpine meadows. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful area, and this hike takes us along spectacular mountain trails with no civilisation in sight. On our Wild Women adventure, we stay with a local Kyrgyz family at their homestay, which is a truly exciting and unique experience!

Keen to explore this glorious place? You can! 

Cradle Mountain in Winter

Sophia – Digital Content Producer

Where: Cradle Mountain National Park – Dove Lake Circuit

Why: This trek is part of the incredible Cradle Mountain National Park, one of Australia’s most famous mountains and a tourist haven. But head there in winter for quiet trails and snow dusted peaks, for a more challenging – and magical – experience.

Finland Aurora Borealis

Lachie – Marketing Analyst

Where: Lapland, Finland

Why: The barren and beautiful Lapland is the northern-most part of Finland, and it’s perfect for both beginner and experienced hikers. We hiked through the middle of the night to see the northern lights from a nearby hill. It was -30 degrees and very windy, but it was an absolutely unforgettable experience.


Tania – Managing Director

Where: Montenegro

Why: When travelling Europe with my family last year, our cruise docked in the incredible scenic Kotor, a small town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. We woke up surrounded by majestic mountains and a town steeped in old world culture – the landscape was a mixture of arid rock, green fields, gorgeous buildings, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. I dream of going back and immersing myself for weeks! Hiking the ladder of Kotor will reward strong hikers with breathtaking views of the bay and surrounding areas – totally magic.


Wanda – Coach

Where: The Nakasendo Way, Japan

Why: The Nakasendo – translated literally as ‘the road through the mountains’ is one of a network of ancient highways through the central mountains of Japan. It connects beautiful and scenic 17th Century post towns, which were used to accommodate travellers, including feudal lords and samurai. A highlight is visiting the exquisitely-preserved villages of Magome and Tsumago, and staying in traditional ryokans, which transport you back in time to Japan’s cultural heyday. Our adventure here in 2020 is sure to be the trip of a lifetime!

Excited? Get more info. 

Everest Base Camp, Tibet

Di - Founder and Chief Adventure Chick

Where: Everest Base Camp, Tibet

Why: There is nothing more magical than unzipping your tent at twilight to the ice blue twin peaks of Everest and Lhotse standing majestically above the Himalaya's and watching the sun rise over the world’s highest mountains as you sip sweet, hot tea and marvel at the awe of such a breathtaking sight.

It’s a moment that I’ll never forget. And the incredible journey to get there, through remote Tibetan Buddhist villages, mystical temples, rhododendron fields and rugged hills made the arrival even more enthralling.   

Machu Picchu

Robby – Customer Service

Where: Machu Picchu

Why: The Peruvian culture, the history, being in awe of the precision of Inca structures, the views, the personal challenge… and of course, the alpacas!!  


Bella – Brand Marketing Co-ordinator

Where: Iceland

Why: The Icelandic landscape is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It is completely devoid of trees, and fluctuates between lurid green moss, black volcanic rock and geothermal water. This makes it so awesome, in the true sense of the world. Your jaw just drops.

Hiking through Iceland was an incredibly spiritual experience. It’s just you and your breath at the end of the world, in a landscape that feels so extraordinarily unique it’s almost unbelievable. It’s a must do.


Bridie – Event Logistics Support

Where: The Zagora Desert, Morocco

Why: We set off at sunset, riding a camel towards a Berber campsite where we spent the night dancing, eating and stargazing. An absolutely unforgettable experience!

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