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BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder Wild Women On Top

WOW! You’re going to love these inspiring stories that have flown into my inbox this month! Check them out.

Karen Pethard, Wild Woman, just returned from a Wild Weekend in Tassie.

She writes: “In our mostly overly scheduled lives we need time-out of the routine to return to the essence of who we are and to engage with our inner spirit, free from the roles we play on a daily basis as mother, wife, partner, daughter, colleague, home maker, business owner ... and the list goes on.

Wild Women On Top facilitates this time-out in unique and inspiring ways. Immersing one-self in nature, with like-minded women, in a physical and mentally challenging way is the perfect recipe for nourishing the mind, body and soul.

The stunning Freycinet Peninsula provided the best playground for time-out for our group of six energetic women led by the dynamo coach Roz: no 'easy' options – we all learned the Wild Women way! Prior to embarking on our getaway we all felt the pressures of the daily routine and the hectic planning schedule that existed just to escape for a few days. However, the moment we arrived at the exquisite Apsley Gorge water hole the stresses dissolved and we were simply 'there'.

Childlike exclamations of "I'm so happy!" and "Let me hug that rock!" became familiar. Our awareness of tuning into our inner child awakened by one of the many meaningful gifts shared. Clare described our trip as being 'charmed'.

We experienced it all ... spectacular and rugged scenery, brisk turquoise waters, challenging terrain, wind, rain and a smattering of hail juxtaposed with perfect blue sky days, blissful moments of reflection, angel card readings, yoga and a final evening of pure indulgence. Our magical experience was everything we needed to rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.

Thank you WWOT .... we look forward to doing it all again soon!”

And Thursa Getzler, Wild Woman, after trekking the iconic West Australian Coast.

She writes: ”One sunny day in mid-October, six wild women set out to on the extraordinary Bibbulmun track.

Over seven days we enjoyed spectacular views, thrilled to violent waves crashing against unmarked beaches, feasted our eyes on fields of spectacular wildflowers, marveled up at ancient giant trees and even dared to climb to the dizzy top of the forest canopy to check out the birds. Each morning we rose at sunrise and fuelled up. Time and again we were grateful for all those trek training sessions.

Starting with soft sand on a glorious beach, within inches of crashing water, then some tough sand dunes, then, oops, more stairs (thank God, after all that sand) oh and a rock scramble before high tide. Nice gentle stroll through a magical forest full of trees out of Tolkein’s Middle Earth, then a very steep hill! Tired but happy, we’d gather around the fire in the evening to chat and laugh and eat with proper appetites.

It’s a curious thing how women, all with different experience and personalities, can come together for a week and get on famously. And we all knew Nicola was watching out for each of us (thanks for that ankle massage!). It’s amazing how much fun you can have.”

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