Do you want to get fit faster, get a hot bod AND have more time for family, friends & fun?

BY DI WESTAWAY | CEO and Founder of Wild Women On Top

Do you want a super time efficient workout that burns more fat, builds more muscle, pumps more blood AND gives you that fabulicious post exercise BUZZ filled with happy hormones?

As a working mother of three, who wants to have it all, I sure do.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but science shows we can in fact have it all – if we know how.

What you need to know about is HIIT, EPOC & MRT.

Ok I know that sounds like complicated stuff (especially if you’re still recovering from the Chrissy bubbles!), but bear with me... I’m going to make the science simple.

Here we go …

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training: means going up the stairs as fast as you possibly can, and coming down slowly.

EPOC is Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption:  is the buzz you get after your high intensity workout, which has all sorts of benefits, especially in burning fat and releasing endorphins.

MRT is Metabolic Resistance Training: means going up and down those stairs carrying a weighted backpack which builds strength as well as improving cardiovascular fitness.

So, by combining all these scientific principles into one workout, we can create a kick arse one hour workout. Then, by adding nature, we hit the jackpot!

A one hour Trek Training session, including HIIT, EPOC and MRT will:
- Give you a time efficient workout
- burn more fat
- build more muscle
- pump more blood
- give you that fabulicious post exercise BUZZ filled with happy hormones.

To get the most out of your one hour workout in a coastal or bush location, it should have the following structure:

• 10-15 minutes warm up including some dynamic stretching: Walk to a stunning beach or bush location and do some swinging and circling exercises to prepare the body for hard work.

• 20-30 minutes high intensity interval based metabolic resistance training: Going up and down stairs, hills, ramps or soft sand with an without a backpack working at high intensity intervals of 15 – 30 secs followed by low intensity intervals of 30 – 180 seconds plus some rest intervals incorporating static stretches

• 10-20 minutes yoga style core work and stretching with breathing.
Scientists debate the best length of the intervals, and there are some safety issues related to high intensity training, but with a good warm-up, yoga style stretching which focuses on core, breathing and increased mobility and a qualified coach, you can have it all.

And for those of us who have fat loss goals, we must continue to focus on our nutrition to get a hot bod. I still believe in the 80:20 rule. It’s 80% what we eat and 20% how we exercise that determines our body composition. For help with this side of the equation, check out Dr Joanna’s Get Lean program.

While this seems very simple, it’s not. Most of us need help getting started, and staying motivated to ‘go hard’. Joining a group with a coach is a cost effective way to learn what to do and keep the intensity up and learn more about the benefits of Trek Training, as well as having added social benefits.

Warning: All exercise is potentially dangerous, so consult your doctor before commencing a new exercise program or pushing your body to high intensity training.

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