Di Westaway's top 10 tips to get you working out daily

By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick Wild Women On Top

Despite knowing how amazing we feel post workout, getting up early to workout is never easy. 
Di Westaway tells us her top 10 secrets to make getting out the door and onto the trail a happy ritual, not a dreaded task.

  1. Positive attitude – your thoughts determine your life. Stay positive at all times by controlling your thoughts. As Buddha said “all that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Follow this logic and you can trek anywhere and climb any mountain (physical or metaphorical.)

  2. Buddies – Train with a personal trainer, group or friend so backing out is made that much harder. Your community will support you on your workout journey.

  3. Routine  – Train early in the morning so the days list of to-do’s doesn't become an excuse. Research shows that people who begin their day with exercise are more like to develop a habit… also by seeing the sunrise you increase the level of serotonin in your body giving you a free extra dose of the happiness hormone.

  4. Diarise  – Get a small pocket diary or wall calendar for training use and put a big star on the date of your wild adventure departure. This will help you see your goal and motivate you to get prepared. 

  5. Accountability – Tell people your goal! Public reinforcement of your goal by regularly discussing it with friends and family will assist you in staying motivated. The more you talk about it the more committed you will become. 

  6. Mini goals  – Set mini goals along the road to the BIG and final goal!

  7. Rewards – On your trek training sessions arrange to meet a friend for coffee at your turn around location so you have to get there and get a reward. 

  8. Feedback– Measure your improvements. You can use a GPS watch to measure you kilometres, time your walk to keep track of distance per week or use a pedometer to count the number of steps you do reach session or week.

  9. Financial Sacrifice – The more you commit financially, the more you’ll be committed and motivated to train and complete your adventure challenge. Financial sacrifice locks you in to your goal and fitness training locks you into a life-changing, incredible adventure. 

  10. Charity– adding a charity link to your adventure will assist you in staying motivated because you’ll have additional reasons for following through with your plan!

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