Delicious Nutritious | Wild Women Brazilian Espresso Bliss Balls

These Wild Women On Top Brazillian Espresso Bliss Balls are the PERFECT food for Trek Training and Coastrek Training. 

They are high energy, naturally sweet and full of nutrition. 

Add your own favourite nuts, fruit or seeds in the same ratios and go WILD


3 cups pitted dates room temperature

4 tbls strong espresso coffee

4 tablespoons raw cacao (use Alpen Blend drinking chocolate if you prefer a sweeter taste) 

1 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup roast sunflower seeds

1/2 cup roast pepitas

I cup roast linseeds

1 cup roast shredded coconut

2 cups roast brazil nuts slightly chopped

1 cup roast slivered almonds

1 cup dried cranberries


Mix dates, coffee, Alpen Blend & oats in blender till it becomes a pasty goo. Add extra warm water if necessary.  Transfer into large bowl.

Roll up your sleeves, remove rings, and pump up your biceps to stir in (mush with hands if necessary) roast seeds, nuts & berries. Then lightly wet hands, roll into balls and roll in roast shredded coconut. Store in freezer under lock and key.


This recipe is designed for produce super health nutty protein power balls with just enough sticky stuff to hold them together. The harder it is to stick your balls together, the better.  Roasting is the secret to irresistible balls. You might need to dip your hands in water several times to roll this quantity.

Share with girlfriends over a coffee and a giggle, take trekking or nibble nightly if you dare.

Image from Body and Soul

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