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Christmas. It's supposed to be joyful, but it often results in food babies + lethargic naps + not much exercise + school holidays = grumpy mummy. In our house, at least.

With the Christmas season about to enter full swing, temptation awaits. The champagne flows and there's canapes for breakfast, not to mention left over christmas pudding!

Over the next few weeks, the Wild Women Weekly will be choc-a-block with delicious nutritious recipes to keep you feeling fabulous and joyful - no food coma's around here.

This week we bring you:

1. Dr Joanna's raw choc-orange nut cake. No baking, just blend and freeze. It is full of nutrition, is gluten free, diary free and refined sugar free, and tastes so good your kids won't know it's 'healthy'. Recipe here.
2. Petite Kitchen salted caramel roasted nuts are the perfect last minute gift for that kinda-friend who invited you to her christmas cocktail party. They only take 10 minutes to make, and are wholesome, thoughtful and most importantly, very yummy. Recipe here.

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