A community unleashed- Wild Women Kick A*** in 2015!

Di Westaway | CEO Wild Women On Top Coastrek | Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker


Five years ago, we had a wild idea, an outrageous goal.

And this year, thanks to YOU, our Wild Women community, it became a reality.

Thank you, dear Wild Women and Coastrekkers for helping us share the gift of health and fitness with nearly 5,000 trekkers this year. This gift you have provided is one that has wholeheartedly transformed the way people can interact, enjoy and admire our beautiful world. It has given mothers independence, fathers an ability to provide and children the gift of play and laughter in a world of colour. Thank you for helping us raise over $4,000,000 to restore sight to nearly 160,000 people with the Fred Hollows Foundation.

But wait – there’s more. Since Coastrek began in 2009, over 10,000 trekkers have taken the challenge, raising over $10,000,000 to restore sight.

It’s gobsmacking to realise that in the past six years, our Wild Women On Top community, led by our  ‘Girls Just Wana Have Fun’ office, our Trek Training members and our coaches has transformed the lives of over 400,000 people. That’s six Olympic Stadiums full of people who can now see, as a result of the efforts of the Coastrek community. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU -- AND THANK YOU some more. Thank you for supporting this mega life changing adventure which is actually making a difference on a global scale.

Not only have we trekked coasts to restore sight, our Wild Women have inspired us with their commitment to training. They have achieved amazing goals lifting their health, fitness and mental toughness to a whole new level.

They have summited Mt Fuji and Mt Rinjani, trekked the ancient pilgrim trails of Japan, adventured Mt Barney, climbed high on the gorgeous Himalayan peak of Ama Dablam, trekked Bhutan and frolicked the lakes and sands of Fraser Island. We have scrambled the rocky jumble of Mt Anne, said hello to the ridgelines of Larapinta, marvelled at Heyson and rediscovered our youthful selves in Gillespie. 2015 has been a year of exploration and discovery – with hundreds of Wild Women having felt the exhilaration of taking on an extreme challenge and succeeding.

As the year rounds to a close, we would like to thank you again for constantly inspiring us with your infinite goals, motivation and dreams; together we have learnt to view the world as delicate– to be gently explored not conquered and it’s magnificence to be borrowed not bought. YOU have been the perfect goal buddies, travel friends and inspirers and we cannot wait to visit more of the world’s wonders with you in 2016!

You may feel as if you’re ordinary, but when you take on an extraordinary goal you learn so much. You unleash yourself. And it all starts by putting pen to paper and just trying. Every footstep counts whether it be transforming your own or someone else life – and that’s what our Wild Women do and that’s why we thank you. 

To our generous Coastrek Patrons, Julie McCrossin and Adam Spencer, and our awesome Trek Training members, who have not only rocked up time and time again, to be team leaders, volunteers, trekkers, poster droppers, sweepers, donors, and bakers for the past 6 years but also flew to Melbourne to lend a helping hand to get our inaugural event off the ground – we thank you.

A heart felt thank YOU to Bridget Fell, Lisa Grant, Margie Brazel, Melody Talbot, Cath Craven, Lorraine Tawse, Judy Mathewson, Tahira Lewis, Mandy McLean, Lynne Fricke, Kay Cowley, Kate Clissold, Valerie Reilly, Clare Martin, Roz Warne, Kylie Starling, Sarah Vaughan, Lyanne Coley, Jenny Lloyd, Ann Jenkins, Caroline Wilson, Katrina Simms, Erica Stuivenberg, Ingrid Bishop, Jenny McKay and anybody else I’ve missed. Thank you … you know who you are and you truly change the world.

Have an awesome New Year, and remember, most New Year’s Resolutions don’t work.  So unleash your dreams BEFORE midnight on December 31st so you can make thoughtful plans that stick. We can’t wait to help you prepare for your next exciting adventure for a Happy New You in 2016.



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