Come Trek Train on Thursdays beneath the moonlight

Back in 2005, Wild Women On Top was born. 

Starting with night trek training sessions, a group of fun, inspired women came along to trek Sydney’s bush trails by headlamps with Di Westaway. Vacant trails became packed with laughing women trekking their weekly worries away. Three hours evaporated beneath the moonlight in seconds, strangers became friends and every two weeks a yummy supper was shared – telling stories, learning about one another, none of them knowing that one day they would all climb some of the most breathtaking peaks, together. 

Ten years later the tradition still stands! 3hr night trek training is held every Thursday at 7.30pm on the beautiful Upper North Shore bush trails, including Roseville Chase, Lindfield, St.Ives, Bobbin Head & Wahroonga. These areas have the deepest bush areas of all our sessions, with very minimal urban sections.

Night trek training coach, Jacqueline Conway, and her regulars see it as an “instant nature fix to escape the weekly grind.” Jacq believes we all need at least one time a week to remove ourselves from our urban lives to clear our heads & get a fantastic workout in nature.  

This week Jacq has taken a few moments to answer some of the common questions that surround the evening trek training.


3 hours! Don’t you get tired?  Maybe a little at first, but like everything…regular trek-training & active recovery are the keys to building up your body’s endurance! In very little time it will feel quite normal…really!!! The three hours is not all about high intensity challenges. We mix up high intensity interval work with distance, pace, strength and adventure training. In terms of sleep, as my trek trainers tell me… we all sleep better, feeling rejuvenated the next morning. Sometimes we can’t believe what we packed in the night before!!

Are there snakes at night? This seems to be one of the greatest fears & most common question, but I can assure you not to worry. Snakes prefer the sunlight and are far more active during the day. In my whole 9 years as a trek trainer I have seen only 5 snakes!

Do you find yourselves tripping over due to night time visibility? Wearing a lamp for some takes a little getting used to … however this is critical for balance and concentration if you are going to take on a Wild World adventure. Invest in a really strong headlamp (ideally rechargeable) and I promise you will forget you are even in the dark! Yes, you have to focus more at night but this is great for clearing the head of work, home and relationship worries. 

Describing their weekly experience as a mini-adventure that excites, rejuvenates and challenges, the Thursday night trainers listed a few reasons why they keep coming back for more! 

  • If your goal is an endurance trek then this is the closest training you will get to simulate the conditions & build up your endurance strength. 
  • Covering 8-13kms a night, depending on session plan. Great sense of achievement.
  • Mini night adventures such as creek crossings, rock scrambling, secret trails, full moons & magic supper spots!!
  • Walking by headlight makes you focus harder. Your senses are more alert, which helps the mind rid itself of day to day clutter.
  • You hear the bush at night & see it's creatures at play…especially owls & possums! 
  • All the trails to ourselves!! So much cooler in summer to train at night!
  • Supper every 2nd week in a fabulous location to soak up nature & have time to share goals with inspiring women

Throw your worries into the night! Find fun with amazing women and get your weekly dose of nature & moonlit exercise on empty bush trails of the beautiful Upper North Shore!

If Thursday night doesn’t suit, check out our timetable to see regular times and locations for our other wonderful evening sessions! 

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