Clifftop Chocolate-Coated Strawberries And French Vanilla Ice Cream

By the Wild Women On Top Team

Preparing the ULTIMATE Valentine’s Day dessert in a wilderness location takes a little effort, but it’s sooo worth it.

Here’s how we do it.


  • 2 punnets fresh strawberries (preferably organic because non-organic are known to contain fertiliser)
  • 150 grams dark chocolate (we love 70% Lindt because it's healthier and yummier)
  • 1 tub of your favourite French Vanilla ice-cream or Gelato in a ‘take home’ tub. (The polystyrene tub is helpful, as it will melt more slowly in this packaging, but if you are rushing to the supermarket, Sarah Lee French Vanilla is the best and you’ll need more frozen ice bricks to keep it frozen).



  1. Wash and dry your strawberries. Cutting off the stems can make them look neater, but some people prefer the green leaves which give you a little handle when devouring the strawberries. You choose.  
  2. Break the chocolate into small chunks, then melt the chocolate in a double boiler on the stove or VERY gently in the microwave. 
  3. Allow the chocolate to cool slightly (this will mean more chocolate on each berry) and then dip the strawberries in the chocolate and place the bottom side on greaseproof paper on a plate. If you’ve cut their bottoms off they will sit up easily. If you’ve left the stem, carefully lie the strawberries on the paper. If you're feeling super fancy, you can use white chocolate to drizzle before you place in fridge overnight.

Ice Cream

The night before, buy the ice cream and put it in the back of the freezer so it’s very cold. Freeze three esky ice bricks or lots of ice.

As late at possible on your date night, fill a chilly bag with ice and then put the ice cream in. It will last about three hours like this.

Either eat straight from the plate or tub in your romantic location, or serve a few strawberries and a scoop of ice cream in a cocktail glass for maximum 'wow factor'.

Have you got a great dessert recipe that works perfectly on a clifftop? Come and share it with us in our Wild Women Community.

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