The Best Way To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Fast

By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick Wild Women On Top 

Have you ever wondered what is the most time-efficient, effective form of exercise for overall health and fitness? Research shows it’s metabolic resistance training: where you combine aerobic exercise with resistance (weight) training.

This training method has informed and shaped Wild Women On Top's Trek Training sessions, a fitness workout that incorporates interval training (short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by rest), aerobic conditioning, and resistance training. This combination of exercises effectively builds muscle mass and burns fat at as well as conditioning the heart and lungs. 

So how exactly do you do this metabolic resistance training? Traditionally it’s done in a gym with weights, circuits and personal trainers. But, we propose a better method that incorporates both mind and body. All you need is four things. Weight (in a backpack), nature (go outside!), poles (a stick will do!) and a coach. 

Over the past ten years, Wild Women On Top have developed a unique method of providing metabolic resistance training specifically for women in groups. We’ve taken our passion for women’s health and fitness and created an efficient, effective, goal-oriented, social, outdoor workout to get women fit and prepare them for extraordinary team adventure goals.

In Trek Training, we typically use the undulating trails, stairs, hills, soft sand and natural features to provide the setting for high-intensity, low-impact exercise. By adding weighted backpacks to these intervals, we increase the work required by the muscles to move the body, which increases muscle mass. In other words, we force the body to adapt to the challenge of carrying heavy weight up and down stairs and hills or along soft sinking sand, by growing more muscle. Pack weight replaces dumbbells and barbells.

In addition to this, we increase the intensity of walking with ascents, descents and sinking surfaces. This forces the heart muscle and the lungs to work harder, improving cardiovascular fitness. It also provides a time-efficient fat-burning workout, where a significant amount of fat is burned AFTER the workout has finished.

Apart from the rush of natural exhilaration you will receive, this workout works to increase our basal metabolic rate - which is far more than a fancy science term. The higher your basal metabolic rate, the more energy you burn. Bonus! 

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