Attention Chocoholics - This is the perfect weekend for you.

Use Easter to kick-start your daily workout habit.
I am super awesome at making up excuses for overindulging in chocolate. How about you?

What better excuse do we need than Easter – the perfect justification for a chocolate pig out.

Well, cos I think you’re just like me, I’m going to share what I’ve decided to do this Easter to ensure I don’t find a couple of extra kilos on my tummy after this weekend:

  1. Write on your calendar or diary that you’ll move every day over Easter and warn your family. Four days holiday is the perfect opportunity to put your health first.
  2. Make sure you plan something you that’s simple and social like a walk, bike ride or swim every morning over Easter and commit early before family and friends take priority.
  3. Set your alarm, sleep in your workout gear, pre-arrange to meet a buddy, and do it before you have time to have the debate in your mind.
  4. Once you’re outside, just find some stairs, beach, track or hills and go up them. You’ll be amazing how half an hour can become an hour when you’re walking and talking with a friend.
  5. If you fail, make a new plan around a new walk time before dinner, or a yoga class, a bike ride, or an Easter egg hunt where you race the kids.
  6. No excuses. Imagine how virtuous you’re going to feel when you succeed in 4 days of exercise in a row and the resulting healthy food choices you’re more likely to make.
  7. Set yourself an Easter egg quota & write it down on the fridge including quality and quantity quota. Go for Dark Chocolate so you get anti-oxidants and happy hormones, and choose chocolate with nuts for the added nutrition.
  8. Avoid skipping meals cos if your blood sugar levels are low, you’re more likely to give in to temptations.
  9. Choose low GI carbohydrates to maintain your energy levels throughout the day with a healthy diet consisting of small portions of low GI carbohydrates and regular consumption of lean protein foods.
  10. DO it now, yes … right now. Write it down, sms your family and tell them how HAPPY you’ll be from exercising every day. You’ll be amazed how they will support your happiness if you advise them tonight and they will all plan around it with you.

So, no excuses. YOU can do it. And once you’ve exercised four days in a row, why not keep going?  By committing to daily exercise, it doesn’t matter if you occasionally miss, cos you’re still WAY in front.

Remember, the top tips for health & happiness are:
•    move lots,
•    eat nutritious delicious,
•    choose an optimistic attitude
•    connect with family and friends
•    find and follow your passion & purpose

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