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Wild Women On Top has been far, but we haven’t quite been everywhere…. (we are working on it!) Every now and then when I open up a national geographic or read another inspiring story in the new Travel, Play Live edition… I am motivated to trek a new trail, find a new mountain and summit a new peak.  This week I came across a blog from The Local Adventurer that made me want to pack my pack and hop on a plane… 

Here are 8 hikes to put on your bucket list. 

1. The Torres del Paine ‘W’ Circuit 

Location: Patagonia, Chile 

Time: 4 – 6 days 

Best time to go: October – April 

Over the last few years, South America's Patagonia has climbed it's way to the top of adventurers bucket lists. From volcanic peaks, beautiful lakes to glaciers, Patagonia truly is a trekker’s paradise. 



2. Kungsleden, Sweden 

Time: 3 – 5 days

Best time to go: August to Early September 

This trek is an awesome way to see the incredible Arctic landscape featuring glaciers and mile of open tundra. Kungslden is a 275-mile traverse, taking you on a journey far from civilisation. 


3. Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Time: 25 + days (200 + miles) 

Best time to go: April – October 

This trek goes deep into the isolated landscapes of Bhutan is not for the faint-hearted. Many say this is the hardest trail on the planet with the region's unpredictable weather causing you to cut your adventure trek short. Traversing a total of 11 passes, this trek can only be done with the assistance of a guide. 



4. Tonquin Valley, Alberta Canada

Time 3-5 days

Best time to go: July to September 

A quick google search of the stunning natural magnificence of the Tonquin Valley will be enough to persuade you to make your next adventure, Canada. Covering a distance of 27 miles, you will experience stunning lakes, greenery and snow-capped mountains. 



5. Bay of Fires, Tasmania Australia

Time: 4 days 

Best time to go: October to May 

Imagine the whitest of white sand, blood red lichen rocks and perfectly blue waters – that is Bay of Fires, Tasmania. This hike is only available with the assistance of a guide, but the scenery truly is worth the effort. 

6. Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

Time: 3-5 days

Best time to go: Year around

If you haven’t yet explored the stunning mountain ranges of New Zealand, make an end of year plan with family or friends to trek the Queen Charlotte Track. Located on the north end of the south island, you will pass by beautiful blue waters nestled into brilliant green hills. 



7. Mountains of the Moon, Uganda. 

Time: 6-7 days 

Best time to go: December to March 

Beside the views and diverse landscapes, this enchanting trail brings you face to face with wild elephants and glaciers all on the same trail. If exploring somewhere completely different culturally and geographically, Mountain of the Moon will truly take you back in time.



8. Laugavegurinn Pass, Iceland

Time: 4 days

Best time to go: June to September

Taking you through volcanic landscapes, lichen-covered rocks, and amazing views of rhyolite peaks, this hike packs in more variety in its 50 miles than most hikes do. You also have the option of a 15-mile add-on to start or end at the 200-foot-high Skogafoss waterfall.



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