61 Things We're Grateful For This Week

By The Wild Women On Top Team

It’s been a huge few weeks here at Wild Women HQ.

We’ve faced some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced as a business, and we know we aren’t alone. Fear and panic are everywhere.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, and there’s been plenty of tears, frustration and sleepless nights.

But we know that what you focus on grows. So we are making a huge effort to practice what we preach and focus on the good – and there’s still a lot of good to be found.

We asked our team to tell us things they are grateful for, and together we’ve come up with a list that has helped us through some of the most challenging days.

We hope it can help you, too.

Things we are grateful for this week: 

  1. Work we can do safely at home
  2. Homemade food
  3. Online yoga
  4. All the healthcare workers
  5. Wifi
  6. Music
  7. All the beautiful people on the internet who keep reminding us of the silver linings
  8. Tea
  9. Pinterest
  10. Being able to pay the mortgage/rent
  11. Being able to afford great food
  12. Chocolate
  13. Kindness
  14. Time to make gourmet breakfasts!
  15. Sunshine
  16. The memory of many, many hugs
  17. Being able to write
  18. Nature
  19. Wine
  20. Dancing to ABBA songs
  21. Love
  22. Less traffic
  23. More time to cook
  24. Seeing kids play on their bikes
  25. Early morning runs
  26. Breezes
  27. Time to recharge and think
  28. Time to rediscover creativity
  29. The ocean
  30. Seeing families out on walks
  31. Friends
  32. Bears in windows
  33. Time to call family and friends overseas and have meaningful conversations
  34. Virtual house parties
  35. Seeing the return of a lot of wildlife to nature reserves and beaches! One of our team saw two pelicans in Manly the other night. It was magic!
  36. Messages of love and support from our community
  37. Toilet paper
  38. The garden
  39. Friends checking in
  40. The surprising resilience of children (who knew!)
  41. The support of work colleagues
  42. Pizza
  43. Doggos and sometimes cats
  44. Memes
  45. A warm toilet seat
  46. Roomates who make iso so fun!
  47. Board and card games
  48. Watching everyone adapting to change
  49. Cooking
  50. Gardening
  51. Walkie talkies with family and friends
  52. Being able to eat as much garlic as you want
  53. Coriander
  54. Food deliveries from loved ones while in isolation
  55. Cuddles with cats!
  56. Walks together as a family
  57. Loungeroom dance parties
  58. Working internet to power video chat
  59. SMS from friends checking in on each other
  60. Frontline health and public service workers
  61. Teachers - OMG by the end of this I hope as a society we have a newfound respect for them! 

We’d love to hear what you are grateful for, so we will be starting a gratefulness thread in our Wild Women Community. Come and join us for a giggle and a healthy dose of optimism.

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