6 Steps To Get Out Of Your Rut And Into Shape

By Di Westaway | Wild Women On Top Chief Adventure Chick | Author of Natural Exhilaration 

The first step out of a rut and into shape is thinking about it. 

Julie took fifteen years to think about it. A working mother of four who loved her food, she stopped moving and stacked on the kilos. She was too embarrassed to try a gym but she loved hiking. When her kids started university she ran out of excuses. 

An article in her local paper about women climbing mountains to stay fit caught her eye so she cut it out and carried it in her handbag for three years. Then one day, Julie faced her fear and joined the group. 

Not only did she get fit, lose weight and re-discover her love of hiking, she felt so fabulous she started taking her friends hiking too. Then she lived her childhood dream by trekking Everest Base Camp.

Most people think that getting into shape hurts, but is doesn’t have to. 

As kids, our parents made us do the things we didn’t feel like doing.

As adults, we must motivate ourselves. 
Life coach and motivator, Mel Robbins, says you must force yourself to do stuff that you know is good for you but you don’t fancy doing. This is easier and more fun if you have goal buddies. Just like when you were playing competitive sport or buying your first house you need a support network around you to help champion your cause. 
If you want to lose weight or start exercising, you’ll need massive force.
Changing habits is hard.  
If you have a habit of seeing food then eating it, it’s hard to stop yourself. If your habit is to come home from work and flop on the couch, it will take super-human discipline to go for a walk. 
But if you’ve got a goal buddy who also wants to lose weight or get fit, it will be easier, especially if you’re both equally committed to the same goal. 
Just as behaviour change gurus, James O Prochaska and Carlo C DiClemente state in their Stages of Behaviour Model, it all starts with thinking. 

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