5 ways to get motivated to workout every day...

We get it. Working out can be really hard. And not always fun.

When your alarm goes at 5.45 telling you to get down to a sunrise Sunburst workout or off to the hot yoga studio, it’s easy to convince yourself you really need that extra hour of sleep. After all, everyone is talking about how sleep is good for your health.

But you know how amazing you feel when you work out every day. And making your work out a daily non-negotiable habit does get easier with practice.

Here are our top 5 tips to keep you motivated to work out daily and feel fabulous!

Get in a routine.

Picking a workout routine and sticking to it helps to establish healthy habits. Find a time each day that works around your usual schedule and write them down in your diary. Treat them as an unbreakable commitment.

Find an activity that you love.

There is no point trying to drag yourself out for a run or off to a spin class if you dread it all week and hate every second. Find a style of exercise that makes you feel alive! Sure, sometimes you’re still going to want to snooze that alarm and enjoy an extra hour of sleep, but it’s much easier to rise and shine if you’re going to have a good time once you get there! We love Trek Training, power yoga, zumba, barre body, ocean swimming, bike riding and walking.

Do it with the girls.

Make exercise a social engagement by booking in a time with your girlfriends to workout. If you have arranged to meet a friend, you are much less likely to cancel. And it’s a great excuse to catch up, chat, and plan adventures together.  

Reward yourself.

No, not with food. A new workout outfit, a massage or a Wild Walk might be just the thing to motivate you to get out of bed and kick ass!

Get a Goal.

This is crucial. When you have a goal, you are much more likely to ditch the excuses and get to training, every single day. A goal will provide you with an endless pool of motivation to get out there and work hard. Having a big goal, and a series of mini-goals to support you, will nourish your mind, body and  spirit, and leave you feeling happy, fulfilled and rejuvenated.  

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