5 reasons why Fraser Island is a trekker's paradise

  1. Picturesque paradise: Lonely planet says so and we most definitely agree. Called K’gari (paradise) by the locals – a single glimpse at its crystalline waters and lush rainforests is enough to understand why.


  2. Freshest of fresh creeks: After a long day of trekking, travel back in time with a dip in the most emerald of waters whilst admiring the sunset in pure isolation. With waters so fresh you can literally drink and swim at the same time – this place truly is like no other.
  3. A little bit of everything: Diverse and luscious, the trail we will follow winds through tropical rainforests, wetlands and along gorgeous white sand beaches. Each bend and wind leads to a new incredible landscape – whether it be admiring the three-metre girths of rainforest trees, smelling the lemon scented vegetation or dipping in refreshingly cool lakes. 
  4. Remarkably unique: Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and only place where rainforests grow on sand. In some destinations, the rainforest towers over clear freshwater streams where eels and turtles swim freely beneath.
  5. Natural Wonderland: Imagine rainforest trees with 3m girths, eucalypt forests, lemon scented vegetation all growing amongst a profusion of flowers. Fraser is known for its diverse vegetation – 300 species of native animals and 600 plant species and it’s all waiting for you to explore. 

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