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    Most of us don’t need science to tell us that grumpy, moody teens are happier when they get outside. But what’s causing these mood swings and how do we keep them swinging in the right direction?

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    If you’re looking for some great ways to get out in nature this weekend, look no further! These gorgeous day walks are the perfect autumn activity – take the kids, friends, family or go by yourself for a solitary soak in nature’s playground. 

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    By the Wild Women On Top team

    Ooooh Easter. One of the only times it’s considered socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast… our kind of holiday. However, like any holiday centered around eating not-so-nourishing treats, the Easter weekend can leave us feeling less than our best – lethargic and so full of buttered hot cross buns we can’t move.

    So how do we avoid feeling flat and fatigued while still enjoying the gorgeous traditions of Easter? Here are our tips…

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    This recipe is the perfect go-to when you're asked to 'bring a plate'... on a hike or just to a last-minute dinner party! 

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    Most of us have grown up thinking that losing strength and gaining weight are just part of growing old. We think that with each birthday after forty, we’ll get a bit saggier, a bit softer and a bit flabbier. But is weight gain really a fact of ageing?

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    We can’t tell you how excited we are that Australia is together once again, allowing us to travel to all the beautiful states and explore the glorious hikes each area has to offer. Here are three of the best hikes in Australia you should visit this year.

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    Di's pink gimlets are perfect for summer sunset drinks in the wild.

    They're fresh, fabulous and packed full of Vitamin C with the inclusion of citrus fruit. 


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    Here's how to deal with spiders and their creepy webs when you're on the trail. 

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    I once went on a hike where I wore a brand spanking new pair of leather boots. It wasn’t a good time. 

    Since then, I’ve learned many hiking lessons – some which have totally changed the game and others which are simply nice-to-haves. So you can avoid making some of the more classic mistakes, I’ve compiled a list of what the Wild Women team and our wonderful community wish they knew before they started hiking. 

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    Have you ever felt like you're not enough? Not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, kind enough? Have you ever felt like you needed makeup, or shapewear, or hair dye to be acceptable for public viewing? Have you ever felt the need to apologise for your imperfections? Me too. 

    To celebrate International Women's Day, I wrote a love letter to remind myself that I am enough, right now, just as I am. And so are you. 


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    Our top tips for dealing with snakes in the wild.

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    If you’re just starting out with hiking, there’s no need to make it a massive undertaking. If you can walk, you can hike. But there are a few things to learn before you get started to make your first hike fun, fabulous and, most importantly, safe. 

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    Want to know how to celebrate International Women's Day in 2021? Have an adventure.

    Jump in the waterfall, go first down the abseil, learn how to put the tent up and carry your own gear. Ask for the promotion, the night off housework, the orgasm.

    How does that relate to equality? We'll tell you how. 

  • Di at 40 on Mt Aconcagua, Andes

    Dear 40-year-old Di, I know things feel shit right now. And let me tell you, you’re in for one helluva ride. The next 20 years are going to bring heartache, loss and some seriously tough times, but on the other side is a bigger, bolder, braver life than you ever imagined. 

  • By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick and Founder of Wild Women On Top

    If you’ve had an slothful or indulgent January, join the club. It doesn't mean you're bad, or lazy, or undisciplined. It just means you’re human. But it's not too late to turn things around. 

  • By Di Westaway | Chief Adventure Chick and Founder of Wild Women On Top

    Once you’ve been forced, by circumstance, to wee in front of other people, there is no turning back. In fact, weeing on the side of a trail can actually be quite liberating. 

    But public squatting isn’t the only wee-related lesson you need to learn if you want to be a hard-core Wild Woman. When you spend time in extreme weather wilderness locations, where it’s too cold, windy or dangerous to leave your tent, you must develop other essential skills to avoid both a frost-bitten arse and pee in your pants! 

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    Whether you prefer a full-blown power muff, a manicured landing strip, a vejazzle, a heart-shaped ‘do, a brazillian or any other pubic style, we say do as you please!

    But when it comes to the outdoors and managing your pubes, we’re interested in function over form, and in helping newbie hikers avoid some serious pube-related mistakes we’ve made in our time (an itchy vulva on a hike is no fun, lemme tell ya!).  

    Here's what you need to know...

  • Wild Blue Labyrinth

    By Di Westaway | Founder and Chief Adventure Chick (CEO) at Wild Women On Top
    Fifteen years ago, I would have been horrified at the thought of doing my ‘business’ anywhere other than a private, sparkling, white, porcelain bowl. Now, in the wilderness, I think nothing of dropping my pants wherever I happen to be standing and doing a wee when nature calls. But periods are a different story, and I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing ones.

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    This is a delicious, nutrient dense snack for wilderness adventures - and it's easy to make!

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    In a culture that worships youthful looks, many of us think that physical weakness and decline is a natural part of ageing. But research shows that most age-related wilting is a result of lifestyle, not the number of candles on your cake.


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